MicroUsb board with microphone for Lenovo S930. Transplantation.

I suffered misfortune with a broken connectormicroUSB on my "shovel", Lenovo S930. Toy tanks, lugging with exercises, several drops, etc. Repair did not help and it was decided to order a fee in the homeland of the phone. The product is good, you can safely take it.
The board came in a standard yellow bag. Its size is 45 * 15 * 1mm, thicker than the original (0.5mm).

According to the connectors and configuration, the board is one-on-one with the motherboard.
Disassembly (first time at all) went with a broodingcalmness. Precise screwdrivers, a good light, a magnifier and a thin soldering iron were needed from the tool, but for lack of such, it worked as usual. Then I had to erase all traces of rosin from the board, so do not kick, all the photos were taken during the work.

On the right is the lid, with the antenna and its contacts, holding the board itself, on one screw.

I had to solder four wiring: two on the lower speaker (one was selected, in the service center they obviously tried for 800 rubles) and two on the vibro like (in the photo below, at the top left, a “tablet” with a seal) or some kind of sensor.

The connectors fit tightly.
The assembly in the reverse order went fine. The only thing that changed was the color of the WiFi signal reception scale, the blue became white. Everything works properly and charge, and data transfer, and speaker, and microphone.