DIY dress for kindergarten graduation (products from the Middle Kingdom for DIY)

In the life of every parent, there comes a time when you want his child to look like a million. Especially if you have a girl, and doubly - if this is the first graduation ...
So this fate befell me. They began to prepare as soon as they went into the preparatory group, so as not to fall into the season of hype. Dress, shoes, jewelry ... What was offeredat the affordable price, I didn’t like the domestic and Chinese markets, but what I liked had an unreasonably high cost. In general, as always: desires did not coincide with opportunities ...
I decided to defeat this problem on my own, i.e. sew the dress itself. And then it began: if there were no problems with fabrics in the city, then with decorative accessories everything was very, very sad. Therefore, having approximately estimated the model of the future dress, I went to flip through numerous pages with accessories on Ali.
The first thing that caught my eye were artificial roses. A trial batch was ordered for review, and then the required quantity.
The flowers are made of flocked fabric, on a plastic, fusible basis, very high quality, not a single flower has fallen apart during the manufacturing and operation.

Since the daughter wanted a fluffy skirt, she was also bought tulle in rolls of 100 yards in a lot of 5 pcs. on the frill and mikovual on the petticoat.
Fatin turned out to be of high quality, without marriage inside the roll, but the microvoile was apparently cut off and, without folding, pushed into a gray postal bag. Had to iron all 20 yards
Fatin, remnants of luxury

For the decor of the upper skirt orderedrose petals. Quality - medium "lousiness", withstand a couple of rinses in water and lose their shape. Although, they are not intended for use in clothing.

The decoration process made it clear that it would be nice to add sparkles. As "sparks" it was decided to userhinestones ss 16 (about 4 mm) on a hot glue basis.
I was not able to break the strassink with a hammer, and I did not melt it either, so I can’t say whether glass or resin were used in the manufacture of rhinestones.

When the dress was finally ready, the question arose about shoes and jewelry.
The young fashionista opted for such
What can be said about them? Dimensional grid coincides with reality, convenient, but clearly at one time. Yes, more is not required of them. When the time comes for the next children's holiday, the child’s leg will already grow.

As a decoration was chosen this set. It is made carefully, but absolutely does not look like a silver product.

In the process of making the dress, it became clear that you just need two skirts: a long one and a fluffy one for the solemn part and a short one for celebrating graduation in a cafe - running in a long skirt is uncomfortable!
Result of labor

In conclusion, I want to say that it’s difficult for mecalculate the cost of the dress, because I, like all needlewomen, a hamster, and I take everything with a margin. But, one thing I know for sure that my daughter was in an exclusive dress! And, as he likes to say, our dad: “A happy child is priceless; for the rest, there are mother’s golden hands and father’s salary card!”