Corrugation curler for volumetric hairstyles

Once I already had a similar curling iron, but it warmed very weakly and the waves were large. And now I have one that is quite comfortable with a relatively small corrugation and super heating!))
Probably all the girls know how much hair is created after using it. Hairdressers often use it for basal volume (corrugation at the roots) and to create voluminous hairstyles (corrugation on all hair)
Before this corrugation, there were also attempts to order from China such, but it turned out to be very small (perhaps it would be suitable for basal volume), and the body was so hot that it could not be held in hands.
But let's talk about the subject of the review ...
She came on average for a month. The box did not wrinkle on the way. The device also turned out to be working)

Manufacturer: Kemei
The service life of thermal plates: 20.000-50.000 hours
Thermal Plate Material: Tourmaline Ceramic
Cord: Fixed
Power Source: Electric
Plug Standard: American
Voltage: 100-240v (dual voltage)
Thermal Conductor Diameter: Less than 15mm
Thermostat adjustment steps: Miscellaneous
Power: less than 25 watts
Maximum temperature: ° C 220
Applicable Hair: Dry and Wet
Minimum temperature: 140 ° C
At the expense of "tourmaline ceramic" I am not sure as always. And I would not recommend using this device on wet hair either. And ostolnoy- perhaps true)
The cord at the curling iron does not rotate 360 ​​degrees, but this essentially does not interfere much.
As you can see, the fork is American.But the seller sent two types of adapter (for the European and also for some kind of plug) But none came up under our sockets (I have to use my own.
The curling iron heats up very quickly. In half a minute, easily 140 degrees. The adjustment is working.When switching the mode to a maximum (220 degrees), my infrared thermometer also showed 220 degrees.
But in fact, those 220 are not so needed, so at 140 degrees it warms up perfectly, and curls quickly. For curling, it is enough to clamp the plates on the hair for 2 seconds.
For the video, she curled “to the touch”, so not very neatly.

Use result

+ The curling iron perfectly warms / twists.
+ It takes very little time to curl.
+ After using it, you can not wash your hair for a week))
(since the hair after using it does not oily for a long time and hold the volume)
- still spoils the hair (it is best to apply a protective agent before styling and do not use it often at all)
- American plug, you need an adapter.
I advise you to buy! But if you have thin and sparse hair, then it is better not to experiment.