Floveme Stands for Smartphones and Tablets

A small review of the plastic Floveme stands for smartphones and tablets.
Bought two coasters of different colors at a timewhen the action took place and each product was worth 1 dollar. Immediately it’s worth writing that exactly the same kind of coasters have been sold under different brands for several years, and you can be sure of this if you enter the words “tablet stand” or another similar query in the search line of the Aliexpress website. I don’t know if Floveme stands differ in any way from their counterparts, but it is possible that the goods are produced at the same factory. The parcel reached me in 38 days.
The coasters come in a small box onwhich is not specified by the manufacturer. In any case, there is no such information in English. The color is also not indicated, although special squares were made for the marks. On the seller’s page, the products are marked as holders, but how appropriate is the word? I imagine the holder as a device that fixes the device tightly, but this is not the case. However, first things first.

Additional box photos

Under the stickers there is an inscription “Portable Foid Stand. For Apple ipad, Kindie fire (yes, exactly Kindie), Galaxy Tab andother (what is this? Another?) 7 "-10" tabletsPC. In general, it’s clear why it was decided to stick this part of the box with a sticker, somehow not seriously The Chinese came up to the description of the goods. What in this case means the word "Foid" I just do not understand. However, on the other side of the box all the labels seem to be without errors.

If you, dear readers, do not mind, I willcall the main parts of the stand “legs” and “back”. Nothing else just comes to mind. So, it is understood that you need to insert a mobile device into the recesses on the legs, while adjusting the backrest as you like (although a lot depends on the size of the device). Everything seems to be clear and easy here.

Additional pictures of stands

There are three fixed legs for the legs.provisions. In the widest position, the legs are at a distance of about 13.6 cm from each other, according to the ruler and my calculation method

My devices, and this is an 8-inch tablet and5-inch smartphone, stand well in the stand both horizontally and vertically. The upper part of the back of the stand is rubberized (as well as the recesses on the legs), so the devices on it do not slip and even under strong slopes to the right and left do not fall immediately.

Additional photos of mobile devices on stands

Although the case of monitored devices is notglossy, but on a black stand at a certain angle you can sometimes see greasy marks. In appearance, everything was done very high quality, but there are unevennesses that are not pleasant to the eye.

It is curious that the black stand weighs 82 grams and the white one 80. There are noticeable differences in the degree of effort to adjust the position of the legs and back.

About what poses are still available for the stand

What else can you write about the stand? If you have questions, please take the opportunity to leave comments on the review. In general, if you do not pay attention to the little things, the device pleased me. It became convenient for me to put a tablet on a table in such a stand and control it. At the same time, no troubles during the testing have yet been identified, but if you believe some reviews on the pages of such products, then the legs (and maybe the back too) may break over time, so you should be careful.