Belt leather bag

Hello everybody!
The reader of this site has been a long time. And then, suddenly, I wanted to write about something myself. I'll write, perhaps, about a waist bag.
Due to the old age of my previous phone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro was bought in the summer of 2016. But I’m not used to carrying a phone in my pocket and I usually don’t carry bags. Since ancient times, I have developed the habit of wearingphone in a separate belt case. But there was a problem with the arrival of Redmi. The phone is big and just a separate belt pouch for him seemed wasteful to me. Therefore, I decided to combine two utilities - a phone case and a bag for any small difference that you have to constantly carry around with it and it clogs up the already great pockets.
I wanted to try to combine incompatible, so thatthe bag was small, roomy, high-quality, beautiful and inexpensive. After a long and exhausting search, I settled on this product. It is a pity, of course, that it was not possible to combine everything, it turned out a little expensive. Maybe someone looks vulgar, but ... I like it.
The order went 22 days. Reached without damage, it was packed in 2 layers of bumps, and there is nothing to break in the package. Bag Sizes:

The bag has two large compartments and a pocket with a flap. In each of the large compartments there is a small pocket, one with a zipper. Valve on the magnetic button. The bag is made of genuine leather, sewn efficiently, the threads do not stick out anywhere, the zippers close and open normally.
More details:

I've been carrying my bag for half a year now. Capacity is normal. Documents, keys, cigarettes and a phone fit without problems. It greatly saves when you do not need to take any bags or backpacks with you, only the minimum set of necessary items.
Self view:

During the wear, there were no problems and complications, only the impudent crocodile's face was slightly rubbed.
+ Convenient
+ Roomy for its size
+ Quality done
+ - For an amateur - a crocodile face on the valve.
P.S. While I was looking for a waist bag, I saw with the same crocodile face, wallet, a large bag and something like a man’s purse.
That's all. Good to all!