Smart Swab Ear Cleaner: review on purchasing a smart swab with interchangeable coils

Hello! Only today I will tell you about a unique product! Smart Swab - just like on TV! Do you still use cotton buds and other devices? Or, God forbid, you turn to an otolaryngologist to clean your ears? Forget it! Now all this is in the past! A smart mop will clean your ears professionally and safely! What are you still waiting for? Welcome to cat!
Technology does not stand still! The best minds of television stores are developing more and more new ways of taking money to improve the quality of your life! Do not wait, order now!

Not ordered? (((
Then read the review ...
Ordered this miracle of engineering, to look and feel, it was already far from us on March 2, for $ 1.98:

Now the seller has raised the price, but it doesn’t matter! For such a thing - it’s not a pity to give all the royal treasures, especially when you are not a king, and you don’t have any treasures. )))
And already on March 23 my prelesssssst got to me:

Since the cheapest option was ordered, without a box, a smart mop arrived in a bag:

Does the kit include an English manual with pictures and promises to completely shake off the noodles from the ears to completely clean your ears or ears?

Handle with an arrow, where it needs to be rotated and 16 interchangeable nozzles:

Nozzles made in the form of a screw:

They are easily inserted into the handle:

The nozzles themselves are made of soft silicone with a plastic base:

On a plastic base there is a huge amount of flash that will scratch your ears to blood:

And that's great! Bloodletting was previously treated. It is good when traditions are revived. And you’ll clean your ears and improve your health! Although, if a person does not want to be treated, the flap can be (but is it necessary?) Removed.
Here you go. A smart mop is equipped with a nozzle and it is time to shove it into its intended place. No, not what you thought, this place is not lower than the back of the manufacturer of this miracle product, but the place is your own ear, so dear and defenseless ... And do not write that it’s harmful to clean your ears with chopsticks, because we will push not a wand in the ear, but a mop. And this is - it is possible and necessary!
So, with a firm hand, we insert the mop nozzle into the ear. While rotating it in the direction indicated by the arrow. And look, what is the result!
Nervous and impressionable, please do not watch:

And that's not all!
Not all!

I have already described here products that are just like inOn TV ... They argued with me, but I thought and continue to believe that advertising of television stores cannot be trusted. And their goods are frank trash. So it happened with this clever miracle mop. She is not able to get anything out of her ear. Not capable at all! From the word - at all! In order not to be unfounded:

And read the reviews from happy customers of this beautiful mop: THOUSAND
Therefore, if you see an icon on any product:


Thanks for attention. All from April 1!