Armpit pads

I once read about the fact that there aregaskets for armpits that do not leave wet spots on clothing. This is especially true for athletes in hot weather. After a lot of time, wandering around the Internet, accidentally stumbled upon this interesting invention and decided to order a sample.
The seller issued the left track, sending the parcelY Post service. About 2 months passed, I did not expect to see her (I ordered all the parcels ordered in about the same period of time for a long time), when they called me from the post office and asked to come for her. It turns out she spent almost a month at my post office.
Gaskets are packaged in cute sachets - only 20 sachets, a pair in each.

Gaskets are dense, the inner surface is soft, pleasant to the touch.

Glued in this way: the wide side on the inner side of the sleeve (the one that is to the body), narrow on the sleeve.

These pads are good because they do not leave whitetraces of clothing after deodorant, which are then so difficult to remove. I think it will be a good purchase for those who play sports and sweat a lot)