We check the battery charge, a professional USB tester

I have long been interested in many questions, for example:
- what is the capacity of the battery in my smartphone;
- what capacity is my paver bank;
- is the old battery still normal;
- is my cable good for charging;
- how honest the charger is.
And I used to believe what I wrote and what I readon google, but there really were a lot of questions and I thought that the answers to them cost $ 7 spent and took up the search for answers rolled up my sleeves.
In the title, I mentioned the word “professional”, which does not say that a Hi-class device is more likely from the term “profession”, that is, what people use in their work.
Everything was packed in a little bubble.

Options: USB tester itself and load.

Let's take a closer look at the tester itself, on the one hand it has a cable - this is the side for connecting the charge.

There is MicroUSB nearby, you can connect charging by any of these two methods.

On the back of the USB port, connect the device under test to it.

Other facets of the device are empty.

The essence of the work is that current flows through the devicefor example, in a discharged smartphone, and we, with not a big error, can estimate the capacity of its battery. The capacity is displayed on the screen, if you disconnect and attach the device, the calculation continues to reset the value to zero, double-click the button, the screen blinks and double-clicks.

The screen displays the current values, everything is intuitive.

Also on the front panel there is a button for switching memory cells, you can remember up to 10 charging values, I don’t know who needs it, I only use one.

The second element is the load, it has only 1 1-2 ampere switch and the indicator lights up in green and red, respectively.

With a value of 2 amperes, the load instantly heats up to uncomfortable temperatures.

Well, now about my own tests, becausethe battery in the smartphone does not discharge to full zero, remember that you need to add about 5% to the final value and understand that the value is not mathematically accurate, but accurate enough for rough measurements, for example, if the battery is 1500 mAh, you can get 1410 mAh or 1515 mAh this is perfectly acceptable and it is necessary to round the value.
Measuring the Xiaomi Power Bank and Ulefone batteryBe Pro, - was pleased, everything is almost certain. I was also pleased with the cable test, but my Chinese 1/2 ampere charge turned out to be 0.5 / 1 amperes and was sent to the trash and replaced with a more accurate 1 ampere charging from ZOPO. Amperes are also not accurate, but everything is intuitively clear.
As a result, I was very pleased with the purchase, I needof course it’s not for everyone, I’m going camping and it’s important for me to know the state of my batteries and power banks, as well as chargers, and accordingly I can now more accurately talk about what is in my hands and not focus on rumors on the network .
Video unpacking and tests can be found below:

Thank you all, happy shopping.