Modern candle

When everything you need, affordable, is alreadybought, purchases begin for the soul. I’ll talk about one of these purchases today. For some, this acquisition will probably seem useless, but personally I think such things are necessary, since they make me happy, which means it's not in vain.
It will be about an unusual lampPlaybulb Candle by Mipow. I discovered it quite by accident when I was looking for an alternative to the lamp from Xiaomi, about which I read not quite flattering reviews, but really wanted something like that. In one of the stores on Aliexpress, where I used to buy headphones, I suddenly found what I needed - a lamp Mipow playbulb rainbow. I will not dwell on it in detail ifMuska’s readers will be interested and the lamp considered this time will not leave you indifferent, then I will review this lamp later. I can only say that the seller offers the entire line of Playbulb manufacturer Mipow, looking through which I became interested in Playbulb Candle.

What kind of candle is this? This is an LED illuminator that is powered by three AA batteries and can, among other things:
- Perform the function of a night light, with a timer on and off, and the possibility of glowing in any color;
- imitate a candle, with the ability to install any color, any brightness and frequency of flicker;
- reproduce various color lighting effects in automatic mode (pulsation, sequential sharp change of colors, the flow of one color to another, etc.);
- act as a candlestick for a tea candle, if the illuminator is turned upside down, since a special recess is provided in the bottom for this.

As it turned out, the story of this Candle is not simple - the project carried out company on Kikstarter and raised $ 266,519 for implementation there. For those who are not in the know, Kikstarter is such a platform where you can talk about your project and try to collect the amount of money required for its implementation, of course, promising investors a free finished product and other bonuses, depending on the amount of the deposit.
A candle arrived in a beautiful tight box. The set contains brief instructions in Chinese and English, as well as a separate instruction for replacing aromatic disks that can be inserted into the device. By the way, three discs of such colors come with candles. However, I honestly admit how I did not understand how to make them exude aromas after installation. A faint smell is coming, but it seemed to me that it should be stronger.

Controlled by Playbulb Candle using a smartphoneor a tablet using Bluetooth version 4 protocol. You just need to download and install a special application that exists in versions for iOS and Android.
It is possible to combine lighting devices into groups and manage them simultaneously. And you can combine not only the same type of device, but any device of the Playbulb family.
The candle is endowed with other interesting functions. For example, you can set the desired color by selecting it with a virtual eyedropper on any photo loaded in the photo management application. And the device’s most fun feature is the ability to turn it off like an ordinary candle by simply blowing it into its bowl. Children and women are delighted with this :).

Workmanship of all parts and qualitybuilds are very good. The materials are clearly expensive. As for the operating time from one set of batteries, I have not yet used it up, although the Candle has worked for about 30 hours, probably.
I really liked the product, the thing is excellent, I recommendto purchase. It’s also perfect for a gift, because the thing is unusual, interesting, not cheap, but it can’t hit too much. I am very pleased with the Playbulb Candle, and I plan to purchase two or three more. They decorate the interior cool and create a special atmosphere, but which one - it already depends on the settings you have chosen.

I tried to remove the candle shining in the dark, butit turned out what happened. Still, I'm not a pro. The video didn’t work at all. Therefore, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the commercials of the product - everything is natural there:

If you make a video about the device’s operationif it succeeds, I will organize a full-fledged video review and post it on my channel, but for now you can see the unpacking of the package with two items from the Playbulb line:

Romantic natures do not hesitate to take, spending time with your loved one will sparkle with new colors in the literal and figurative sense.