Wiper in the bathroom

Good afternoon. I want to share the experience of buying a scraper / wiper / brush on glass in the bathroom.
Like the entire male population, afterbath / shower I shave the bathroom is small, it fogs up the mirror and you have to wipe it with a towel / hand. The hood then works fine, but including forced shaving it becomes not very comfortable, it comes through, especially after water procedures.
About a year ago, looking at all sorts of little things on Ali, I came across such a rather strange device. I decided to buy, because the cost of 150 rubles / 3 pcs. I was not very embarrassed.
The seller sells in packages of 3, others had a cost of 10-15% cheaper, but for one, I decided to take more, if I break it or give it to someone.
The scrapers were packed weakly and it was a miracle that they did not break in half.
Dimensions of the device 360 ​​* 43m. The colors are different, I asked to send different, but so that it was blue (it suits me in the bathroom), they sent me 2 blue and green. Green gave to someone, and the second blue lies.

there is a broadening so that there is something to take
Glass suction cup itself

this photo also shows the “rubbing” part, a hard rubber-like substance
To my surprise, on the back of the cardboard was an instruction in normal Russian (among others)

But the photo is already in place

I liked this device. I have been using it for about a year and have become so used to it that the hand itself reaches out. It is really so simple and convenient that there is nothing to say. It does not leave streaks, it cleans without gaps, it has never dropped during use, which is important. I have no doubt that a similar thing can be bought offline for 100 rubles, but this, as they say, is "not our method."
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