Country lamp

Hello everyone and good mood!
I share with you the result of a search for ceiling lights for a summer residence.
Description of the epic construction of each privatea housekeeper can occupy no less volume than the work of the esteemed Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace”, with no less exciting subjects, battle scenes with brigades of builders and dramatic outcomes. One of the final climax chapters of such works is usually the search for all kinds of interior elements, decor, color palettes, etc. etc.
In this case, I present to you only a small fragment describing the result of a search for interior ceiling lights.
In total, seven identical ceiling lights were required to provide a "theatrical" lighting around the perimeter of the living room. In accordance with this, such wishes were made:
- suitable design
- The mandatory ability to continuously adjust the brightness, a typical dimer, for example, the company legrand.
- the ability to work from 220v without additional transformers
- cartridge E27 or E14
- light weight
- acceptable price
Trekking in Leroy, Auchanam, IKEA, etc. I didn’t give a result, nothing “didn’t sink into my soul”, or it was unacceptable for the money (but 7 were needed!)
As a result, he again came to Ali. The FULL available range of fixtures was revised and several options were ordered for testing, the best of which was the subject:

The lamp turned out to be very worthy in terms of performance:
- metal platform, without plastic parts,
- strong cartridge
- Well, the main element is a ball with a diameter of 15 cm fromThe cord made, apparently, from parchment paper folded into a tube, very fittingly fit into the interior of a wooden house. I would call the color “warm milk”, the seller calls it “Rice white” - white rice.

The ball itself is hard, holds its shape perfectly, the threads do not move. Formed with the help of some glue, but it is completely invisible, there is no smell either.
The method of attaching the ball to the base is three spring "petals" tightly pressing it to a special concave plate.

The lamp for the luminaire is the most common for the E27 cartridge, but in the shape of a ball, it has a bulb size slightly smaller than standard bulbs and fits perfectly in the ceiling:

The funny thing was that after the trial lamp was approved and the remaining six were ordered, they came with a slightly different diameter and height of the round platform:

Therefore, if you order, keep in mind that the size may be in different batches - different.
In addition, the seller sent the first lamp with a light bulb, and clamped it in the rest (and in the product description it also changed).
So they look in the installed position:

Well, now, as they shine. And they shine wonderful, as they say "warm lamp light"
I tried to photograph at different levels of the dimmer:

This backlight looks very country style (in general, "country-style") - creates a feeling of comfort and coziness.
It is better to put the lamps not matte, but transparent, it is their light that creates such a pattern.
As for the fire safety of lamps -the manufacturer claims to work with 60W, did not check and set it to 40W in all lamps, because it is not the main light and a large brightness is not needed on such a quantity. Inside the luminaires: from the ball housing to the lamp - about 4 cm, and the heat dissipation is constant due to the “holey” design of the ball.
As a result, only positive emotions remained from the lamps.
Minor disadvantages are: different size of the base in different batches, on some fixtures - not a perfectly spherical shape of the lampshade (within certain limits easily adjusted by hands) well, and there are flies that fly into the lamp, and they stay there
That's all.
Good to all !!!