LED lamp on flexible connection with motion sensor.

Greetings, dear readers. I want to bring to your attention an overview of an LED bulb with flexible mounting to a cartridge and with a built-in motion and light sensor.
Those who say that it is in a nearby store will notice right away, you are lucky, but we do not have it.
The lamp was bought for blood for personal use.
Here are some of her photos.
For measurement lovers.

For those who read the Kama Sutra. The lamp can take the most incredible poses.

For lovers of characteristics.

For people sophisticated in dismemberment.

The lamp is used in the corridor for repair4.5 meters long. For lighting only at night. It is installed in the middle and directed perpendicular to the corridor. The ability to raise the lamp helped in adjusting for non-response on cats, which we have two and do not want to sit still.
One end of the corridor ends with a door to the opening of which the device does not respond.
It reacts to a person very quickly and clearly. While you are in his zone and moving the lamp does not go out. There is a backlight - one or two diodes are constantly on.
At the moment, the entrance to the roomIt is located in the middle of the indicated corridor and my elderly mother lives on the door of the described lamp, and it became very convenient for her to get up at night without looking for the switch.
In conclusion, we can say that the lamp practically does not heat up, it shines (white) with the declared 45-watt analogue of an incandescent lamp, it does not have moisture protection, although it can be easily treated with sealant.
Very pleased with the purchase.
Of the pros
Easy to install in the e27 lampholder of a conventional incandescent lamp.
Has a flexible leash allowing it to direct
It responds well.
Pleasant appearance.
From it you can make out something to do your own.
Of the minuses
Not suitable as a source of constant lighting due to its low power.
Moisture not protected for outdoor use will not work.
It is a little inconvenient to twist due to a loose connection.
If you have children missing the switch while going to the toilet at night (well, or not much else) or adults who are difficult to find the switch because of age, then this device is for you.
That's how it shines. There is enough light.