Timer for watering the garden

Greetings Muscovites!
Finally, a new smartphone came to me,which has a camera, and I can do any, but reviews. Go! Today, for my colleague, a timer was purchased for Ali to automate irrigation in the country \ garden. All the same, there is a century of 21 technologies, and there is no time (and who has the desire) to visit the cottage for watering. We do not touch on the part of water delivery to “consumers”, this is another topic, here we’ll talk about a timer that will open and let water flow to consumers. Go! Review supplemented! I ask for a cut!
I don’t like a bunch of photos about tracks, packaging and so on. Everything has arrived, and the whole is the main thing. Therefore, let's start with what arrived:

The product was bought in another store, the link is lost. According to the link in the review, there is also an adapter for quick connection, but I either didn’t have it in the description, or the seller forgot to put it, it's not scary. So, what is available: the timer itself, instructions, a pair of threaded connectors, for connecting to the water supply.
What the timer can do (the most important and interesting):
16 programmable programs
Water pressure: max. 6 bar / 150 PSI
Water temperature: max. 40 degrees
Batteries: 2 × 1.5V AAA
Most importantly, there is no pressure whatsoever. The device will be operated connected to a tank of water, water will flow by gravity through the drip system to consumers. I think it’s possible to use it on the water supply, but it may be necessary to install a gearbox so that the device does not break.

When assembled, the device looks like this. Definitely lacking a quick-release adapter hose. On the other hand, it will always be connected. Why take it off?

Inside, everything is plastic, but the plastic is quite pleasant to the touch, thick and durable. Just the same as that used in garden supplies.

The lid is transparent. Screwed onto the timer through a silicone o-ring, very tight, with a creak. It gives the impression of reliability.

Everything works from two finger batteries. Opening hours are not yet clear, as the device was not in combat operation. A bug was immediately detected, while I was twisting and taking pictures, the contact disappeared. Therefore, when installed in combat mode, it is better to additionally fix the batteries in the compartment.
We pass to the most interesting setting. At first glance, everything is very complicated, there are many buttons, what to do is incomprehensible. Gradually read the instructions and try. Everything becomes extremely clear and in place.

How and what is configured? The first thing we do is click the Time button. The arrows? and? set the current time, confirm each value with the Set button, also select the day of the week.
Unfortunately, I deleted this photo, so I already have the following photo, where you can turn the timer on and off with your hands, bypassing the programs.
Press the On button, set the operating time with the arrows, press the Set button. The timer opened, the water ran. In the current photo, time 14:53, the timer opened the “valve” for 15 minutes.

We pass to the most delicious, program. We press the Prog button, we get to the menu for setting up watering programs, there are 16 of them as stated.

What can be customized. The program number, watering start time, operating time, number of operations, either every 2 days (as I understand it, from the day the program was created), every 3 days, or according to the schedule. Select the day with the arrows, mark with the Set button.

At first, dealing with this thing, II thought that I bought not what I needed, because how to water several times a day? Everything turned out to be simple. For example, a person wants to do watering 3 times a day, but does the program configure a single inclusion?
Therefore, we need 3 out of 16 programs.
1. 7.00 for 30 minutes on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
2. 15.00 for 30 minutes on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
3..21.00 for 30 min on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
That's it, the setup is completed, grease the sealing ring, wind the lid and set the timer to its rightful place.
Measurements and device: In the "idle" mode, the device eats 1.1-1.2 mA.

When the valve is activated, the current rises to 350 mA (0.35 A), and then again drops to 1.2 mA, while the valve remains open. Also, in the event of a power failure, the valve remains open.

Now let's move on to a very important point -internal organization. Comrade Muscovite destroydes explained: If the inside is not a ball valve, but a diaphragm - then from the pressure from the barrel, alas, this timer the crane will not work, which has already been written many times on profile forums. It is these green timers that come with both ball and diaphragm
My situation is as follows: in appearance, the aperture is still inside, because the crane mechanism at the end is definitely not visible. At the same time, after opening, everyone blows air without much effort.
All these prairies are job-related.of this device with gravity containers, according to some information, devices with a diaphragm will not open at low pressure. More insight into the topic I invite you to comment.
Summary:For those who missed, I repeat, the timer is just bought, it didn’t work in combat conditions, but when checking everything buzzes, closes, does not let air through. I bought on Ali in another store, a link in the review for an example! In hands gives the impression of a reliable and quality product. The review was not paid and the goods were not provided for free. I just decided to share with everyone, in my opinion, a good thing for automating routine processes before the coming irrigation season.
Thank you all for your attention!