Time delay timer

Countdown timer starting from an external control pulse
There are many options for timers, I personally needed a cyclical and not a second!
And you won’t understand at once in the product description) What basically happened to me!
And of course, my carelessness and haste!
But what I got - I got it, I decided to share the details of the work - maybe it will be useful to someone when choosing such relays for their purposes.
The package arrived fast enough
January 9, 2017 was purchased on January 10, the seller shipped the goods China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
The track was observed only in China. Delivered to Orel was 01/27/17. The postman put in the mailbox

Some signs of soldering are visible on the board, but not critical
Power supply constant 12 volts

Well of course the principle of work
VCC and GND stamp power
the control pulse to IN fed 5v and 12v to start the timer (in the description, DC 4-20v is indicated)
Connection to the relay is possible in two options
1 on open (that is, until you give a pulse the circuit is closed)
2 on closed (i.e. vice versa)
Setting the timer with two buttons K1 and K2
K2 changes case between seconds or fractions of seconds
K1 in turn enters the editing mode in each digit of the indicator and increase it from 0-9 with the K2 button in a circle
Editing is possible even with the timer running.

What can be said in conclusion
This timer, its declared function, performs a response of min 0.1sec to 999sec
I decided to write because I made a mistake and took this one instead of a cyclic timer!
But maybe someone needs this!
P.S. Buzz buzzer is on the board. Why don’t I know the riddle for me!
most likely they have one form factor and the firmware is different