Tenderizer or meat softener with 56 blades. Professional meat tenderizer with stainless steel.

Hello, here I am with you again. Many interesting reviews have already been prepared. Of course, I would like to start with reviews of my favorite flashlights, but ... Traffic for today is very small. And there are a lot of photos and text in those reviews. Therefore, for now, I will publish a fairly small reviewer of the tender. In which the photo is small and the text is even smaller. Probably immediately worth a warning. Custom review. It was ordered by my stomach, which wanted tender meat. ))))) If you are interested, welcome to cat. But faint of heart and impressionable - you should be careful!
I’ll start, perhaps, with a description from the product page:
Weight: 270g
Product Size: 8.5 * 8.5 * 11cm
56 stainless steel blades
The order reached me in just 15 days.

Box and instruction:

And here is the hero of today's review.

Tenderizer should not be looked at. You need to use it! And it wasn’t up to the detailed photos when drooling flowed to try the result. Therefore, everything that I managed to remove during cooking will be here.
The blades are protected from dirt by a plastic cap that holds very tightly.
That would not get hurt - providedfuse. The top of the handle rotates and the blades are fixed and will no longer come out when pressed. The fixation is very tight, with a click. The tender itself is assembled very soundly, there are no backlashes, high-quality plastic, sharp blades, moderately tight spring.
If anyone else does not know, then here is whattender. This is a meat softener. The meat cooks faster and turns out very tender. Tenderizer come with needles and with blades. This tender contains 56 blades. A great replacement for a hammer for beating meat, especially if the meat needs to be cooked so that no one hears. ))) It works almost silently. The meat is more tender than a flattened hammer. And there is another plus. The meat is immediately sprinkled with salt and spices, and the knives drive it all deep into the piece. Work with the tender can be compared with the work of printing stamps on paper. In principle, it resembles a stamp. )))

In the end, I managed to click on the meat with a tenderjust a couple of times. No, he did not break. He is too well done. It’s just that my wife took it from me with the words - Let me try! All. More tenderizer did not return to my hands. My wife liked it very much, she says that now, at least every day, buy meat to protect it. ))) Strange. She never tried to take the meat hammer from me. ))) But back to the meat. The meat does not become flat, as after a hammer. It only changes shape a little. This is what ottenderized meat looks like:)))

Well, you can start cooking. I'm certainly not a cook. But I can still make kebab, barbecue, and cook in a slow cooker too ... Here is a slow cooker I used in this case. We lay the meat in a slow cooker, as well as all the ingredients of the dish:

Turn on for 9 minutes:

And now, the meat is ready in French:

The meat turned out to be very soft and tender, and literally melted in the mouth.

Bon Appetit!