WS-A7 Home Hygrometer Thermometer

The idea of ​​this purchase was born spontaneously whenI remembered that at least some kind of thermometer was missing at work. Having studied a large assortment of Chinese thermometers, as well as reviews on some of them here on the site, I came across one simple copy.
The order was made during the celebration of the birthday of Aliexpress, the order was shipped quickly, within 2 days by the post of Finland and after 22 days was received by mail.
The thermometer is packed in a transparent blister, inside of which there is an insert with the parameters of the measured values ​​and use.

- temperature range: -20 ... + 50 Celsius (with an accuracy of 1 degree)
- humidity range: 0 ... 100% (with an accuracy of 5%)
- width-height: 75 mm
- thickness: 12 mm

The scale of the thermometer and hygrometer is applied to the cardboard insert. The arrow of the thermometer is metal, and the hygrometer is plastic.
There is a possibility of both installation on the table, andwall mounts. Unfortunately, there is no latch for a leg when installed on a table. Based on this, it can be assumed that over time the leg loosens. Therefore, you can immediately hang a thermometer, for example, on a cabinet using double-sided tape.

On the back is a large number of holes and two adjusting screws.

It is convenient to carry out the adjustment after disassembly. It is disassembled quite easily, it is enough to push the two parts of the case, for example, with the help of an office knife.

As you can see inside, there are two tuning mechanisms in the form of plastic rings with metal spring inserts leading to the arrows.
Since the thermometer came with a smallthe error regarding the devices available in the house, it was adjusted using these mechanisms, relative to the readings of a mercury thermometer and weather station.

In the further exploitation of strong discrepancies in the evidence was not observed.
Summing up, we can say that this thermometer-hygrometer is quite suitable for use.