Testing the budget Chinese copy of the ZT 0770 penknife made of 7Cr18Mov steel

Hello. Review of the next penknife
The knife seems to be a copy of the American Zero Tolerance0770, but very distant, only the shape of the blade and the handle with a stretch are similar, but the mechanism, liners, material of knives are completely different. That is, these are different knives and it makes no sense to compare them.
Original Description

A knife is delivered in such a box.

The knife has a blade processed with satin on the slopes,other places are flooded or, as is customary to say in slang, “stunned”. Satin is beautiful, well, very not practical, everything sticks to it, even if you cut the tomato and do not erase the juice in time, you will be forced (if you are not on the drum) to remove traces by repeated rubbing with wet wipes to restore the aesthetic appearance of the blade.

Handle covers made of nylon. Despite the fact that the handle is small, thanks to the deep sub-fingernail notch and the fin forming a tangible guard, the knife comfortably sits in the hand.

The clip can be rearranged on the other side. In any case, holes remain. A lanyard can be attached to them, as well as for the last bonus.

The pads are not corrugated, just matte, which impairs grip in a wet hand.

When folded, the blade is set exactly in the center.

The liner comes to the edge of the heel

I will take apart the knife.

Solid liners, 1.2 mm thick

Hidden in niches of linings

Ball axle on ball bearings

Balls are located in brass rings which slightly protect the bearings from contamination. It would be ideal on the other hand to have a washer with a groove for balls.

Blade. The processing as indicated above is different. The slopes are satin-finished, butts and straight seats are gutted. The plumbing is of high quality, the descents are strictly symmetrical, as is the cutting edge. Although the edges are too sharp, they cling to the finger.

This is what factory grinding looks like.

Characteristics of the knife.
Folded length 111 mm.
Full length 190 mm
Stick width at the widest point 36.5 mm
Thickness 12.8 mm.
Butt thickness in the butt 3.8 mm
Straight descents, mixing 0.4 mm
The width of the blade in the widest place is 28 mm
Blade length 84 mm
Cutting edge length 82 mm
Blade Material: 7Cr18Mov
Hardness: 58-59HRC
Weight 102 g.

Now cut something.
A hen
The knife cuts the smoked sausage in one motion. But not as good as a kitchen man.

A wire with a copper core.

Craft of wood. Mini pipe for smoking, express method.

The pipe is plain-looking, but it works. There were cases when cigarettes crawled out of the water while fishing, tobacco was collected, dried, and such devices for smoking were made.
After the above steps, the knife, as at the beginning, cuts the paper and shaves uncertainly. Backlash on the blade did not appear. The knife sticks well, the blade flies as it should.

Now, fragmentarily, I will compare this knife with another more famous Ganzo G727M. These knives are similar in size and weight.

Subject in the middle, Ganzo on top .. The Hansa blade is longer, but the cutting edge is the same in length. This is because the Hansa Choil is 10 mm, the subject 4 mm. Ganzo in the butt is thinner than 2.9 mm with the same mixing of 0.4 mm, therefore it cuts a little better. But it’s a pity to open canned food (it’s somehow more delicate IMHO), but please with a subject (it’s more good-natured). The hansa has an axis lock, it is inconvenient to close such a knife with one hand.

Well, what can I say in conclusion.The knife was made very well ... And it certainly does not differ in quality from Ganzo, Enlan and other well-known Chinese brands. The knife is light and not large. Just right for daily use
Thanks for attention.