Quiet USB fan with two propellers. “Oh, summer is red! I would love you ... ”

1.5 months are left before the calendar summer. Conditionally “free” parcels from China go on average 1.5 months.
Power - USB, 5 V. Two screws with a diameter of 10 cm. Two modes of operation with a current consumption of 0.135 A and 0.215 A (ZY1270).
The noise level according to the manufacturer is 26 dB and 34 dB, respectively. Which seems like the truth.
About db. Reminder

The head with the base can be turned 25-30 degrees up.
Under the cut - a few pictures with disassembly, a bit of chatter and lengthy arguments on the topic "26 dB and 34 dB - is it a lot or a little?".
Last July, I was languishing from the heat. At work, where else ...
Room 20 sq.m, 6 tables, 6 sistemnik + some other equipment that produces heat. And people. They also give off heat. Opening a single window only worsened the situation - overboard air with temperatures up to 38 degrees (unfortunately, on the Celsius scale and not Fahrenheit).

Hedgehog it is clear that in the end the question of buying a fan has matured.
But at the end of July I went on vacation, and the subject was purchased only after the New Year ...
And there were only five selection criteria:
- quietly
- inexpensive
- non-urgent (failure within a week or two)
- easy to drag to work (1.5 hours on 2-3 minibuses)
- takes up little space on the desktop (the option with a clothespin to the monitor was also considered - either lice-sickness or vibration ...)
The most unpredictable item is “unstoppable”. For the second month now, I periodically launch this contraption in the 1st and 2nd modes of the house. For the sake of interest and "this review for." In places where nobody blows. So far, everything is working.
26 dB and 34 dB - is it a lot or a little?


Left - “pump”, right - Convoy S2 +

Easily disassembled with a screwdriver on the cross.
Only 7 screws - self-tapping screws. 4 of them are under the legs (they are buried in the bottom of the stand) and glued with something white, sticky like rubber glue (easy to remove, leaves no residue)

After removing the bottom, a simple system for changing the angle of inclination of the head relative to the normal to the table is clearly visible

The front part of the protection against injuries is removed by a slight turn of it counterclockwise

There are 3 more screws. One is buried and hidden - protection from the fool). In the photo it seems that it is almost on the surface, but this is only a hoax (the perspective is eaten up, but you change the shooting point a little - the third screw disappears from the photo ...). Therefore, the bits usual for Chinese sets of length (~ 8-9 mm) are not reached. But a small screwdriver on the cross decides everything

Group photo as a keepsake

That's all.
Any criticism and poking fingers in ashypki and achyapyatka are only welcome!
Excuses, they are Disclaimers (in the bourgeois)
1. The author in devices of this kind is not very well-crafted.
2. There will definitely be a commentator who bought the same thing and it died from him when he first turned on \ in an hour \ on the trail. day \ in a week. So it can be. Chinese noun, with all that it implies.
3. There is sure to be a comrade who will say that in the fixprice / Auchan / Castorama / Leroy Murlene / kiosk “Soyuzpechat” bought about the same, but for $ 2 in equivalent. As a resident of a small urban settlement (urban-type settlement) with a population of ~ 2 million, taking into account visiting students and Tajiks, I can notice that this was not the case in our fixed-price Auchans, and Ali prices stupidly multiply when 2, when by 3 (I have not yet deduced any regularity).
4. The topic was created not to advertise the subject, but for tips on similar, but more interesting products of the kind that will be mentioned in the discussion.
Thanks for attention.