Sharpener for knives lulu sharpener-free interpretation of Wicked Edge.

My first post, after a couple of years of reading this resource. And in advance, forgive generously.
Russian is lame for me, from an early age outside the Russian Federation.
A review of a sharpener — which does the job even for a teapot like me.
Prehistory: I bought a sharpener ala Apex made of metal, even sharpened something, then there was my home-made, sharpened better. There was no time and effort to bring home-made to mind.
For a long time "licked" on Wicked Edge but the price of $ 300 for the start. Set killed everything and everyone.
To the campaign, the manly soul was crying, and the handles were sharpening their few knives on electro-emery or with their hands, realizing that they were spoiling the RK.
I decided to once again inspect the boutiques. online to choose and a miracle on Ali saw this sharpener and a hand without flinching took out a credit card and even a toad did not wake up.
A month passed and the parcel was in my hands ... I didn’t take a box + packing, everything is very decent. Instruction, large parts, a bag with bolts (not “plasticine”), stones.

There are 4 stones in the set, 240,600,1500,300. “Blank” with metal bar with diamond spraying, and “blank” with leather (I don’t know leather lock or ..).

Collecting the entire “device” takes 2 minutes.
At the 15th minute, I realized that something normal started to come out within the framework of my profanity. IT WORKS AS WELL AND WITHOUT DANCE AROUND.
The 2nd knife began to shave me, in the excitement I began to shave my left hand, then my wife asked why? After all, we need to go to visit, intelligibly the answer was no current, the gleam in the eyes — IT CUTS AND SHAVES !!!).

Reached the level of:
## Cutting a boom sheet by weight.
## Shaving hair. cover.
## Cutting hair from the head.

Well, I’m all a cool sharpener, I rumple the sea knee-deep
Then he sobered up and began to think what was wrong and what was missing.
Stones with PSRK label matchedright, 240-> 600-> 1500-> 3000 and the final stage: Leather + Goi or something “polished Chinese” makes the final result very impressive (well, there: sheet, shaving, notching, ...
But my knives are killed ... And it’s very tedious / long to peel off the 240 grit of the previous sharpening curves and damage to the soft stones from the set. The stone “80-120 grit” is very “requested” in the set (ordered).
Stones from the set, like all Chinese "watermarks" onthe second knife lose their plane and require leveling (while I did it on sand paper, I ordered powders 60 / 90,120 / 220,600,1200 in one set). Of course it is leveled by drawing cells on the stone and grinding.

Calculation of the angle of sharpening, the most painful topic, the risks on the “device” are just centimeters ... and not degrees, the angle is calculated by the length formula to the height (from the instructions) chore, an Angle meter was ordered (not yet arrived).

Knife Size: The smallest KNIFE is 7cm (leatherman charge tti), the longest is 19cm (1 transfer to the tip of the knife).
Description of work with a sharpener:
The device itself is not fixed to me as in the seller’s picture and it doesn’t need it, I don’t work with my left hand, I just turn it 180 g for the other side.
I work only right i.e. On the 1st side of the knife and on the 1st mandrel there are 4 stones, (on the 2nd mandrel leather and diamond-peeling), I usually do the 2nd stone change 240 + 600, 1500 + 3000 for each face.
The stones often get dirty / salted, I keep a ditch with soapy water nearby, dipping and walking with my finger, enough.
"Peeling" (diamond + 240) up-down, over 240 only smooth upward movements.
Add. purchases for for a full zen grinder:
Silicon suspension 60 / 90,120 / 220,600,1200
2 stone 80 / 120grit for peeling
I would like to devote this confused and incomprehensible post to the state. karagandinez Which is very clearly and clearly painted on the stones more than once.