Vontar Z5. Another TV box on Amlogic S912.

Hello! I chose a TV box for a long time, studied a bunch of reviews and forums and came to the conclusion that I need to take a box on a 912 processor. Quickly caught fire, did not want to wait long. And finally, I found almost the only option on Ali with delivery from Russia. And finally he came Vontar Z5. If you are interested, then read on.
This is my first review. I understand that my first steps in this matter are not very confident, so I will take into account all your criticism.
A small box. The design is quite nice. At first glance, made quite soundly. Plastic case. On top is a black glossy cover and the logo of the Vontar manufacturer, which glows blue when turned on, the sides of the box are silver. There are also options in full silver color. Bottom perforated plate for cooling the device. In front we see a small window that is designed to indicate the operating modes of the receiver and to receive the infrared signal of the control panel. The LED is very bright, it shines like a lantern in the dark, so this can annoy many. On the left are two USB inputs and a micro SD card slot. Behind the box are: a gigabit LAN connector for connecting the set-top box to the Internet, an optical output for connecting a music system, an AV out connector for connecting with a low-frequency analog cable, a digital Hdmi output, and a 5-volt power connector. Well, everything seems to be standard and nothing new. But on the right side is an external removable WI-FI antenna.
In the kit, in addition to the console and the tinyThe manual includes a remote control, a power supply with an adapter, an HDMI cord and a removable WI-FI antenna. There are several programmable buttons on the remote control that can be used to control the TV.

The device is running an operatingAndroid 6.0 systems, based on the new 64-bit, 8-core Amlogic S912 processor. The main one in video graphics is the Mali-T820MP3, which can provide sufficient performance even in demanding graphics applications. Also on board is 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, 16 GB of internal memory for files and applications (it seems like there are options with 32 GB), a two-band WI-FI module and Bluetooth 4.0.

After the first internet connection boxI immediately found updates and ate it smartly. What has changed, I do not know, apparently some errors have been fixed. A trifle, but nice. Another small bonus was the already established rights of the ROOT user. Although this does not need to bother. That is, unpacked, connected to a TV, to the Internet and do what you want. Beauty! The menu is standard for TV boxes and does not cause any difficulties in navigation and setup. Initially, many different online services for watching TV and movies are preinstalled, but they are not for Russia. All unnecessary can be removed. The Play market was originally installed. With the installation of applications, too, no difficulties arose. Everything works quickly and without hangs.
I ran several tests on the device. Antutu showed a little over 40,000 parrots. Not a bad result. Also, for the load of the TV box, I ran several heavy tests, such as Epic Citadel and 3d mark. For an hour of operation at the most severe loads, the processor temperature sensor reached 80 degrees, while I did not observe any lags.

To play the video, MX Player was used. Because Since the device is declared as a 4K player, of course I launched my current movie in ultra HD format. The video file is played without lags and brakes. But as they write on the forums, 4k videos with a high bitrate slow down on this processor. Personally, I could not see the brakes. As for ordinary video files, the TV box digests any format with ease.
For some, synthetic tests are notindicator. For an example of performance, I launched several demanding games. Asphalt 8 at high settings is quite confident and you can play without brakes. For tank lovers, too, is not bad. Tanks drive, shoot and explode without brakes. To make it convenient to play, I connected a wired gamepad from the XBOX360 to the USB port. The gamepad is determined without any settings and after connecting immediately ready for use. Very comfortable - I recommend.
As I wrote above, Wi-Fi works in tworanges. 2,4ghz and 5ghz. Unfortunately, in the place of testing the box, the Internet was organized using a 3G access point. So there’s nothing special for me to say. During the work, I did not find any problems.
I ordered a wireless keyboard with a prefix“Vontar I8 +” is a cheaper clone of the RII Mini I8. It connects to the device using wireless technology. Unlike the RII Mini, which runs on a Nokia battery, this keyboard runs on two AAA batteries. The quality of plastic and assembly in the C grade. But it performs all its functions. The native remote did not even get it. I don’t see the point. I think that managing it with an android box is a kind of perversion, while the transmission is via infrared.

So my humble conclusion:
I didn’t have much to compare this device with,except with a phone or tablet. But at the same time I liked this TV box. Here you can watch movies and play toys on the TV, and not on the phone.
Of the minuses:
A bright LED that is a little annoying in the dark.
Two USB sockets. But this is not the problem of this model, and some will not see the problem at all. It's my opinion. I have a keyboard, a gamepad, an external hard drive connected to USB at the same time, and sometimes I flash a flash drive back and forth. All this is decided by the purchase of a USB hub.
The device was bought for their money and for personal use. You can watch the video review here.
Thanks for attention.