Wanscam Wanscam HW0036 IP Camera

Good day to all. In short, I want to talk about the acquired very convenient, useful, rotary ip camera. Immediately I ask the fans of the dismemberment to excuse me. I'm not going to do anything like this, otherwise my wife will take me to separate parts of the human body))).
A camera was bought for ordinary home observation of the child as a video nanny.
The convenience of this camera is that it is possible to remotely observe and rotate it both horizontally and vertically.

Installation and setup
Installation and configuration did not take much time,10 minutes and the picture appeared on the smartphone. Although the instruction is in English, everything is brief and clear. Before the first use, I downloaded the free e-view7 application from Google Play. Immediately pleased with the correct interface of the program in Russian. The second step was to enter the wi-fi parameters of access to the router, in a word, enter the password. If the camera has successfully connected, a female, not very pleasant voice will announce this))). The third step is to enter the ID of the camera number in the desired column in the application.

That's it - the camera is ready to use. There is also software for installation on a computer.

Front lens, light sensor, microphone hole.
Rear speaker, micro-USB connector.
On top of the slot is a microSD memory card up to 64 GB.

The location of the camera in the crib
We use the second day. I set it for verification in the corner so far. At the weekend I’ll lift it over the bed by a meter, fix it on the wall.

The main advantages of the camera
1. High quality image and sound, the output picture is happy.
2. Two way communication.
3. Night vision mode (IR illumination), turns on automatically.
4. Motion detector, sound detector, sending alarm messages by e-mail (have not tried it yet).
5. Free application, its simple setup, intuitive interface.
1. Voice notifications. Namely, an unpleasant loud annoying my brain rattling female voice. Although I do not exclude the option that I was simply unlucky with the speaker.
2. In the settings, I did not find how to turn off the voice notification when connecting the camera to power and pairing it with the router. Imagine if the electricity is turned off and on at night and in complete silence the camera loudly notifies you of the connection, it’s not very pleasant. But we do not use the camera at night. We use mainly when the child sleeps during the day, and we do business in other rooms of the apartment.
According to the result
This gadget has plenty of pros, and consif you try hard you can dig in any even a well-designed device. And for such a price the camera is just a gift! In the process of operation, I think there will be pluses, minuses will come out, as I will try to present in this topic. Thanks to all.