XGIMI Z3: is it worth buying an LED projector

A small introduction ... I like to watch variousmovies, and as I was once again sitting in a movie theater, I thought about buying a home projector, since it takes a lot of money to visit movie shows, and if we talk about ordinary TVs, then not one modern TV will convey the unique atmosphere of a movie theater. Going through the electronics stores and looking atprices, I decided to order a projector from the Chinese website Aliexpress. After reviewing a huge number of products, reading the specifications, reviews, various reviews, talking with sellers, I weighed the pros and cons, and settled on the XGIMI Z3 + projector.
November 11th at World Express World Discount Day, on that day I ordered my projector, which I had dreamed about for so long!
Link to the product - aliexpress.com/item/10400mAH-battery-MINI-DLP-projector-XGIMI-Z3-Andriod-4-4-WIFI-Miracast-Blutooth-LED-Smart-3D/32347387609.html
I would like to express my gratitude to the seller of the store, Eddie, for the timely and useful answers about the projector.
The price of the projector was 31,000 rubles.
Special coupon Aliexpress - 1080 rubles.
Seller Discount - 472 rub.
Discount Aliexpress - 135 rubles.
Total amount of the order - 29315 rubles.
The parcel was delivered by Russia Express - SPSR by mail, for a month, the New Year holidays did not affect delivery, which made me very happy. Free shipping.
Unpacking the goods.
I want to say a few words about unpacking the goods. In my opinion, the goods were well packaged, a box made of dense, durable material, which ensured the safety of the goods during transportation. The packaging itself was clean, dry, without odors.

Projector Options.
2. Remote
3.Power supply
4.AV cable
5.MicroSD 4GB

The appearance of the projector.
The projector looks very tiny, stylish,beautiful and high quality! The neat shape of the projector fits well into the interior of the house! Projector dimensions - LxWxH 223? 132? 31 mm. Projector colors: white, gray, black. Material: plastic, soft-touch plastic, rubberized legs.
There is optics on the front of the projector,ventilation grill and IR receiver. And I also really liked the idea with a protective glossy lid that rests on magnets, with its help the optics and ventilation grille will be protected from dust.

The top of the projector is protected by a protective film, which is very pleasing. When turned on, the touch buttons light up on the projector itself, gently color-blue, which looks very nice.
And also here is the focus adjustment wheel.

Speakers are located on the sides of the projector, I want to say that the sound is good, you can do without speakers.

There are many different outputs on the back of the projector.and connectors, such as: a connector for standard projector power, a microSD card slot, 2 USB inputs, 2 HDMI connectors, an optical 5.1 audio output, AV output, an audio output, and a network cable connector. Also on the back of the projector a small power indicator is lit, blue, if the projector is not at the level of your vision, then in the dark it does not distract, but at the level of your vision, it can be covered or glued with something.
On the bottom of the projector is anotherventilation grill, sticker with projector name and serial number. And also there is a special connector for mounting the bracket, which is very convenient. The length of my bracket is 20 cm. The projector is located at a distance of 3.5 m from the screen.
Homemade screen, white canvas, material - banner. Screen sizes: W: D - 200 cm: 320 cm.

The main characteristics of the projector:
- HD lens High antireflection lens
- Display Technology 0.45 "DMD + RGB LED
- Resolution 1280 * 800 (WXGA), Support1080p
- Brightness 450-550 Ansi Lm
- Uniformity> 98%
- Color gamut> = 120% NTSC
- Standard color temperature 9300 K
- Contrast 5000: 1 (FOFO)
- Predicted size 40-300 inches
- Off axis offset OFF-SET: 100%
- Projected share 1.2: 1 (76 „@ 2 m)
- ETCS with automatic keystone correction function,
vertical (± 40 degrees),
- Figure share no distortion after adjustment.
- Projection mode Orthogonal projection, DLP, rising, rear projection
- Input / output ports HDMI1.4, AV, TF card, USB3.0 / USB 2.0, support USB hard disk data reading),
- Headsets, DC 19 V, Wi-Fi, WLAN, optical output, support 5.1 audio systems
- Multimedia performance Audio (Audio formats): MPEG1 / 2 Layer1 / 2, LPCM / ADPCM, MP3, Dolby (AC-3),
- Video (video formats): VP6, VP8, MVC, VC1, DivX3 / 4/5/6, XVID HD, Flash7 / 8 (.swf / 9 (. Flv), AVS, HD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 , H.265, RM / RMVB
- 3D Active 3D DVD Support BLU-RAY 3D, 3D format automatically detect
- Support online 3D playback, support 3D movie “playback source,
- Support for 3D computer playback
- Power consumption 60 W
- LxWxH 223? 132? 31 mm
- weight 0.86 kg
- RGB LED light source it is possible to adjust the power of each LED
- LED service life> 30,000 hours,
- Accessories Power adapter, Intruction user manual, AV cable, 4 GB TF card
- Speaker 2pcs.
- Noise <30db
Photos of the projector menu.
The menu is divided into 4 tabs: Recommended; Local; Settings Applications

Application management

Network settings

Video settings

Image settings

General settings

A few photos of additional settings that are turned on from the projector's remote control (button in the form of a sun)
This is how the general settings look.

Image settings

Sound settings

Zoom Settings

LED brightness settings

Focus image from a distance of 3 meters.

Focus image from a distance of 20 cm.

The viewing angles of the focus image (from left to right) you will probably notice waves on the screen, try not to pay attention to them, these are defects of the home-made screen.

Bottom - top.

A few photos to compare the image, on top a photo taken in complete darkness, below a photo taken in the afternoon with the curtains closed.

Below are a series of photographs taken in the dark.

3D active shutter technology.
What is shutter 3D? The screen displays a three-dimensional image that each eye (in 3D glasses) sees differently, but entering the brain, the pictures are combined into one image. Glasses are also called - 3D active shutter glasses. Such glasses are equipped with special shutters that are able to open and close at certain points, so we see a 3D volume image. Below is a photo of my 3D glasses.
Definitely 3D is a big plus for the projector! After watching 3D movies, great impressions remain!

Conclusions: Not one cinema can compare with this wonderful feeling of watching a home projector! Every minute of watching an interesting movie on the big screen, in excellent quality, is a great pleasure! I see only a lot of advantages of this projector, and not one minus! I didn’t regret that I ordered this particular projector! XGIMI Z3 + is worth the money! Friends, order, you will not regret! Recommend!
Thanks for attention!