SUNSUN YT-302C Pressure Adjustable Aquarium Aerator

I recently became the proud owner of 80laquarium and now slowly engaged in breeding aquarium farming. The first necessity was the purchase of an external filter and aerator. While the filter is on the way, I’ll tell you which aerator I chose.
I was looking for my beloved Ali, the budget for myself was 500-600 rubles. If you sweep away various battery pumpsthere are a lot of identical 3 W aerators in different stores at about the same price ~ 400 rubles. I accidentally saw a monitored instance - it was hooked by the presence of a regulator. I found this a very useful feature and, not finding anything more adequately ordered. The planned budget, of course, exceeded, but the toad was crushed by the awareness of the right choice.
Order and delivery
The order was placed on March 13, on the 20th, it was accepted at the post office in China, and on 29th I received a notification that the package was 460 gr. waiting for me in the mail. Picked up that evening.
photo packaging and contents

Supply voltage - 220-240 V
Plug - Chinese (adapter included)
Power - 3 W
Maximum productivity - 1.5 l / min (for aquariums up to 120 l)
Pressure - 0.015 MPa
Dimensions - 5.25 x 2.75 x 2.25 inches (L x W x H)
Weight - 290 gr
Diameter of tubes - 5 mm
Air Pump 1 pc
Check valves 2 pcs
Silicone tube 2 pcs, 1 m each
Stone 2 pcs
Instruction (in Chinese):
Testing, impressions:
It was not suggested to choose the color of the pump when ordering, and judging from the description, it is not clear that there are others, the photos are all gray, but they sent me white.
The pump itself is heavy, the legs are made in shapecones, inside hollow, due to this very soft. The vibration is damped qualitatively. There is an eyelet for which the burbulator can be suspended somewhere behind. At maximum power it makes noise, but it is quite bearable. At the minimum, almost silently.
I was wondering how the adjustment is implemented - I disassembled the pump.
Inside there are two independent rubber “frogs”, which are pressed by “slippers” on a metal frame with magnets, which in turn is driven by a conventional electromagnet.

The electromagnet body moves with a twistcloser / further from the frame with magnets. When it is moved away, both the pressure and the volume of the rumbling decrease. Somewhere at 70-80% of the maximum power, the aerator no longer interferes with sleep (the aquas is in the bedroom).

This is how bubbles with a native stone look at maximum power:

So, if the regulator is reduced by half:

And almost to a minimum (in the extreme minimum position does not blow at all):

I was satisfied with the acquisition, the benefit in offline stores the simplest aerators cost from 800 r. I ordered a round 4cm flat stone for him, I will bury it with the hose in the ground.
+ pressure adjustment
+ two independent channels
+ effective soft legs
+ included tubes and check valves
+ fast delivery (maybe just luck)
+ humane price tag
- Chinese fork (treated with an adapter)
- complete stones of low quality (large bubbles, traces of glue on the surface)
- lack of warranty.
UPD: found that the check valves from the kit halves were loose. Pressed - the air began to go better. As a result, now my pump is unscrewed to a minimum, decently bubbles (as in the second gif) in two hoses blowing. The volume of the pump is not heard at all, in silence only bubbles hiss in the aqua hiss.
Now I never regret at all that I chose a pump with a regulator.
P.S. goods purchased for their own.
P.P.S. wait for a review on the filter.