ThiEYE i60e Budget Camera

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Today we will consider a budget camera from the manufacturer ThiEYE.
There are 4 similar models from this manufacturer: i60 (4K version), i60 (FullHD version), i60e and i60 +.
I quote message Truefeel user from forum:
“The difference that I noticed between i60, i60e, i60 +:
i60: Sunplus6350 + OV4689 processor, 155 viewing angle, understands cards up to 64GB, 1.5-inch display
i60e: processor AllwinV3 + OV4689, viewing angle of 170, understands cards up to 128GB, display 2.0 inches, there is no G-sensor
i60 +: AllwinV3 + OV4689 processor, viewing angle of 170, understands cards up to 128GB, display 2.0 inches "
On the the site manufacturer can view all products and its characteristics.
The parcel was sent by Singapore post and the delivery time (to Ukraine) was a little less than a month (29 days). I connect the long delivery time with the New Year holidays and loading mail these days.
The camera comes in a nice box with a minimum number of accessories.

Users say the accessories, like the battery, come from the SJ4000.
The camera body is completely made of plastic, so the camera weighs 65 grams.

Camera Features:

The sensor installed in this camera has 2688 × 1520 active pixels, so 4K video is interpolation, like 12MP photos from 4MP.
The functions and settings of the camera are quite a lot for a budget action camera. Among the most significant and interesting, I note:
• DVR mode;
• webcam mode (when connected to a computer);
• loop recording (2, 3 or 5 minutes each);
• the mode of shooting time-lapse video (with an interval of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds);
• time-lapse photo shooting mode (at intervals of 3, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds);
• high-speed photography (3, 5 or 10 frames per second);
• slow motion mode (FullHD 60fps or1208 × 720 120fps). The advantage is that the camera itself slows down the video and when shooting in 720, 120fps mode, we get ready slow-motion video (30fps) at the output.
Russian is present in the cell, but it is clumsy.
The camera display is very yellow, almost the same as on the phone with the reading mode turned on

Video can be recorded in one of the following resolutions:
4K 30fps (interpolation);
2.7K 30fps;
1080P 60fps;
1080P 30fps;
720P 120fps;
720P 60fps.
The average bitrate of FullHD video 60fps is 31000 kbps. The size of the video file lasting 45 seconds is 172mb.
The average bitrate is 2.7K video 30fps - 31000 kbps. The size of the video file lasting 1 minute 55 seconds is 434mb.
The maximum duration of one video file in FullHD 60fps resolution is 15 minutes and the size is 1.7GB.
When recording video, the camera displays the time of the recorded video and the remaining space on the memory card.
Compare ThiEYE i60e with SJCAM S7 Star and M20:

Examples of shooting in FullHD, slow-mo, as well as time-lapse video can be viewed on this video from 2 minutes 6 seconds:

I was pleased that during the shooting the camera practically does not heat up, just warm.
The disadvantages include the fact that when changing lighting, the camera exposure is adjusted jerkily.
Originals of 2K video can be downloaded here;
Originals FullHD 60fps can be downloaded here;
Original slow-mo shooting (720P) can be downloaded here;
The original time-lapse video can be downloaded here.
A photo
The quality of the photo was not impressive, this is clearly not the main hobby here. Let me remind you that the sensor takes a 4MP photo, all that is higher is from crafty interpolation.

Original photos can be downloaded here.
The kit includes 2 batteries with a capacity of 1050mAh.

A full charge is enough to shoot video (FullHD, 60fps) for 2 hours 10 minutes.
Charging time from the outlet (via the Xiaomi extension cord and the Cherokee cable) was 1 hour 40 minutes.
Camera control via Wi-Fi connection is carried out through the ThiEYE application.
I was extremely surprised that the delay in transmitting the image is practically absent.

Settings that can be controlled through the application:

+ 2 batteries included;
+ Enough rich functionality for a budget action camera;
+ good video quality;
+ good autonomy;
+ almost no delay when broadcasting images via Wi-Fi;
- lack of a cap on the lens;
- “jerky” change in exposure when shooting a video;
- low quality photos;
- the display is yellow.
Kote will not, but there will be time-laps “day-night”, shot on the SJCAM M20

Great mood for everyone and only pleasant shopping!