Budget street Wifi IP 720 camera with recording on microSD. The first acquaintance with video surveillance.

For a long time there was a question about the organizationCCTV, behind the car in front of the house. Although IP cameras have now become inexpensive, and quite affordable. But the camera itself is only part of video surveillance in most cases, you still need a recording device. You can write to a computer, which is not practical, NVR is expensive, you can write to a router (if it supports), but I did not find any budget solutions where this works fine. Initially, I used a telephone for these purposes.on an android attached to glass in conjunction with the IP Webcam program. A convenient application, easy setup, but almost nothing is visible at night. And during the day, due to glare or rain, the image quality is greatly affected. And when heated, the phone was cut down periodically. Therefore, when I found a budget version of an outdoor camera with recording on SD, I decided to take it ... Plus, the camera also has built-in WIFI which makes it easy to install. This is my first CCTV camera, so please do not kick much, I will be glad to constructive comments.
Details under the cut
The camera walked for a long time, almost two months, although the track was tracked. The equipment is scarce - a camera and a WIFI antenna, no self-tapping screws for fastening, no silica gel. The box is generally without any designations.

Characteristics from the seller's page:

On the product page, the seller gives instructions on how to make a camera with the YooSee app on wifi. I didn’t succeed, and judging by the comments, it’s not just me.
Therefore, I give my instructions:
1 Install the application and run, register
2. Connect the camera to the router (at the same time, did the router stop accepting the Internet, should it be?)
3. The application defines the camera and then we prescribe what the seller recommends.
4. Go to settings - network settings- and switch to wifi
5 After that, turn off the camera from the router.
This is what the application interface looks like:

Translation in the application is clumsy, functionality is also doubtful
You can take screenshots that are saved to the phone, but what the camera writes to the USB flash drive is not visible in the application!

Screenshots weigh about 30kb and therefore such quality. Video quality is much better.
Well, I think okay, I will try through CMS, I wrote to the seller, he promised to send it to the post office. I'm waiting.
I downloaded the herospeed CMS for the sample - the camera has decided, the stream is going on ... but I couldn’t record or record it.
I decided to try to configure ivideon.
To do this, download Onvif manager to see the link to the video stream.
The camera decided, I saw the link, but it’s strange that the application could not determine the version of Onvif. Failed to change the video stream settings (change fps). The camera has no web face.

I added a camera to ivideon, the video stream was determined ... but I can’t see it through the site, it says that the camera is not available ... maybe temporary glitches, I'll try again later.
The files on the USB flash drive are recorded in AV format; it was not possible to play on the computer, in order to understand what quality the camera is shooting, I looked at the video stream in the VLC player. Here is the result:

By the way, the VLC is delaying the video stream for 5-7 seconds. I don’t know what it is connected with.
Regarding WIFI, in reviews on cameras oftenmet the opinion that it is useless. But to implement my idea, the signal level is enough, according to my observations, the power of the camera module is not worse than on the Redmi2 phone. Here it is organized on the mt7601un chip.

At the moment, the camera has not yet been installed, for two reasons:
1. I suddenly died 3 32GB flash drives (OV and sandisk) ordered from the last sale of unheard of generosity from the railway.
2. And secondly, and the most basic reason - the seller, as it turned out, deceived.
The fact that I can’t watch the video archive from the camera is probably a matter of my curvature. And the deception is that the camera is not on the HI3518 chip as indicated, but on the GM8135s.
On the manufacturer’s website www.grain-media.com/html/8136S_8135S.htm looked at the characteristics, in principle they are no worsethan on the HI3518 chip. But I did not find any reviews on GM, nor comparisons with HI. I only know that praise HI3518. Therefore, a convincing request to everyone who understands at least something in this, give clarifications. The question also arises - whether to open a dispute and what to demand ...
And here are the insides:

As you can see from the photo, there is no radiator. Measurement with an IR thermometer after 30 minutes of operation showed +70 C on the board.
UPD Based on addams comments, DMA adds the following:
After updating the firmware via the android application, you will be able to enter any e-mail.
RTSP goes without authorization, so it is not recommended to forward the video stream over the Internet.
In the application, you can watch the video recorded on the USB flash drive of the camera, the video player built into the application.

The seller sent a link to the archive with CMS, but the archive with errors and the files do not open)) I found the manufacturer of this software by name, here is their website gwell.cc But you can’t download anything there) broken links to files.
The same CMS client can be downloaded www.yoosee.co/
There are even fewer settings than in the application on the android, from useful - the ability to write to the computer, and play AV files from a flash drive and computer.
+ image quality suits me both day and night. (I’ll definitely add the video, but a little later).
+ price
+ wifi
+ No need to buy additional equipment (recording is microSD in the camera)
- The software is clumsy and with a minimum of settings, functionality
- RTSP goes without authorization
- I suppose that you still need to install a radiator
- + chip does not match. (regarding the chip, there is an opinion from Turkmenator
UPD3 Add video Night 9mb. 16mb day The file can be opened by the MPC player.
The seller - turned out to be a radish - does not answer questions on setting up the camera. Regarding the chip mismatch - swears that everything is fine)). The dispute did not open ...
The application has been updated - it began to work morecorrectly. There are problems with the recording cycle ... constantly asks to format the USB flash drive, but still overwrites it ... Another problem was discovered, there is a spotlight with a motion sensor next to the camera, when the camera was installed, it began to turn on constantly ... had to be pulled apart from each other ... in the summer you have to redo it .
Well, in general, that’s all) ... My review is limited by a little knowledge about CCTV cameras. Therefore, if you missed something, write, I will try to add or reply in the comments.