Chirogorov 111, or Chinese Shirogorov 111

Recently, more and morebuyers of Chinese fakes of the Shirogorov knives. Accordingly, reviews of these knives appear more often. I decided not to stand aside and present my view of the Chirogorov 111 from DC.
True, the review was delayed. When I ordered, I thought that this would be the first review of the Chinese Shirogorov. But the knife turned out to be very controversial, and on histesting, compiling an opinion on it and preparing a review unexpectedly took a long time. As a result, during this time, reviews of other models of the Chirogorovs managed to appear
As usual, a review in text and video versions. Anyone interested in measuring the hardness of the blade, the course of the blade, sharpness, etc., can watch the video. The main arguments and conclusions are presented in the text version.
Video at the end.
If someone still does not know, the knife is made based on the knife of the workshop of the Shirorogorov brothers, widely known in narrow circles of Nayfoman. Link to the workshop website:
Specifically, this knife is made based on model 111. Those who wish can calculate the cost of the original knife in the calculator The price starts from 24 000 rubles. Photos of the original can be viewed in the gallery
I will not dwell oncontrasting the original and the fake, on the pricing policy of the brothers workshop. The debate between brand fans and those who scold them usually leads to the fact that the knife itself from the review recedes into the background. And first of all I would like to evaluate the knife as such. I’ll say a little about the attitude to fake, but in the end. Therefore, let's forget why the Chinese copied and what brands they applied. In the review, just another knife, which costs $ 36.
I bought a knife in the store DongCheng Outdoors Co., Ltd. Seller with a good rating. They sell mainly various fakes and replicas from various Chinese workshops: DC, Kevin John, Wild Boar. You can find fakes of the Shirogorovs, Striders, Sebenz, Spiderko. I have done orders in this store before.
The purchase went without surprises-ordered-paid-received.
total length: 22cm
blade length: 9.5cm
Stick Length: 12.5cm
blade thickness: 5mm (actually 4.3)
blade finish: STONE WASH
Opener: Flipper
weight: 195g (with package) (actually 190 with a box and 146 without a box)
Steel: 9Cr18mov
hilt material: Blue-black G10
hardness: 58HRC
Others: gift box
Please note that the dimensions of the knife are different from the original.
The first glance. Optimistic.
A knife arrived in a black box without identification marks. Inside was, of course, a knife lying on a thin foam pad, laid in a plastic bag and propped up with a piece of foam.

I conduct an initial inspection, everything is super. The blade stands in the center, flips without the slightest wrist stroke. There is not the slightest backlash. The liner is not quite at the beginning of the heel, but does not even reach the middle.

But the main thing is not this, in the general impression ofprocessing and fitting parts. There are no flaws in the fit of the linings, all facets are chamfered. The knife does not have any sharp edges at all, the chamfers are taken everywhere - on the blade butt, on the flipper, on the liner, on the clip, on the backspacer and not even the screws.

The knife is literally “licked”; it is pleasant to hold it in hands. Pleases such attention to detail.
General view is of course the taste and color, but I liked it. To those to whom I showed the knife, too.

I try, as the knife sits in my hand, and the positive rolls over. Chirogorov simply fits perfectly in his hand. This is one of the most comfortable knives I have kept. With all the grip lies in the hand perfectly

Nothing crashes into the hand, does not crush, the tactile hilt is very pleasant. Everything is just optimal.
Checking the blade. The approaches are symmetrical, sharpening is traditionally rough, with clearly visible risks, but at the same time the sharp-forearm shaves, cuts the newspaper with twists.

The Chinese are arrogant and comedians. The EVO marking on the Shirorogorov knives means that the blade was terminated by Alan Balikoev, a well-known Russian specialist in heat treatment.
The overall impression is purely positive. The longer I hold the knife in my hands, the more I like it. Very comfortable.
Shown by tradition Chirogorov friends, relatives. This time a rare unanimity - everyone liked the knife, everyone said that it looks great, and sits very comfortable in the hand.
The bottom line is an excellent knife that everyone likes.
The look is different. Skeptical.
A review of the product implies a story about its shortcomings. Shortcomings were found in Chirogorov, and they did not have to look for them for a long time.
All the thoroughness described above and"Lickedness" is present only on those details that are in sight and which the hand touches. But if you look inside, it quickly becomes clear that the careful processing of such parts did not really bother.
That part of the liner, which is in sight, and in which the finger rests, is well processed. And here is the part that is inside, roughly processed

Outside the backspacer and clip are handled perfectly. But if you look inside, you can see the protruding tip of the screw that secures the clip and something like solder on the backspace.

The lanyard hole is partially blocked by overlays. Therefore, sticking a paracord there will be problematic. On the original in this place a selection is made, so there is no problem

For me, this does not play any role, I do not use lanyards and would prefer the absence of a hole at all, but for many it is a minus.
All of the above is insignificantcosmetic flaws that are more likely for perfectionists. For the sake of objectivity for a knife for $ 36, all this, in my opinion, is not significant, especially considering that it does not affect the use of the knife. If all this were limited, I would say that the knife does not have a single drawback worthy of attention.
But, unfortunately, there are more serious ones.
To begin with, the knife could not be dismantled. As the saying goes, hello to Chikrys, who suffers the same. Again, glue filled the screws, apparently. the only plus identified during the attempts - the screws are not “plasticine” (unlike the original, by the way).
Further. The blade is just reduced. At the tip of 1mm, on the rest of 0.8-0.9mm. In general, crowbar.
Further more. Chirogorov from the original differs not only in size, but also in design. Here the stopper is installed right in the G10.

It is clear that the strength of such a knot is verydoubtful. In the video version of the review, I said that, according to my assumptions, the review should have ended with showing a broken knife with a broken bonk and a dangling blade. To catch this moment, I specially conducted a test planing of a tree and a cut of cardboard in front of the camera.
Also, the clip turned out to be the tightest of all that I have ever met. In its original position, the knife was generally unsuitable for wearing with a clip. I had to stretch the clip.
It is interesting that none of those shortcomings was noticed by any of those to whom I gave this knife a look. They considered it done flawlessly.
Summarized score.
I have a constant attitude to this Chirogorovchanged, starting from the first moment when I got out of the box. The first impression is “Super!”, A few minutes after a careful examination, disappointment, then again positive from ergonomics, then again disappointment when trying to put it on your pocket ... and these are the swings all the time. It was not clear what kind of review should I do, negative or positive?
Now the impressions have settled down and we can give a balanced assessment.
The knife turned out to be very controversial. It is often said that the Chinese Shirogorovs are amazingly made and that MBS is worth learning from the Chinese how to make a knife cheaply, and even better than the original. I don’t know about other options, but this one cannot compete with the original in terms of quality, it is much simpler and rougher.
Generally, marking the original, the Chineseexpose themselves to the blow, because their knives immediately begin to compare with the original. And such a comparison is obviously losing for the Chinese. There are no miracles. A knife for $ 36 such a contest should lose with a bang, and he naturally loses it.
With the original, he has a similarity only in appearance, andthen distant, in general terms. The Shirogorovs have nothing to fear from this knife; he is not a competitor to them. Firstly, you can betray this fake as an original, you can probably only be mortally drunk and deprived of any access to the Internet (yeah, how would he know that Shirogorov is cool?) To a person. A quick glance at the original photo is enough to “burn” the fake. Secondly, target audiences are different. It is foolish to think that someone who wanted to buy the original will take this fake instead.
I would prefer that it wasn’t at allno marking i.e. so that it is a replica, not a fake. What is the use of this marking? For Russians, there is one plus - they can carry a certificate from the original with them. The police are unlikely to figure out that the hand is not the knife on the piece of paper. But for me, this factor does not matter. And the rest? For pride? It’s ridiculous. If the person who sees this knife is poorly versed in knives, then these inscriptions will not say anything to him. And if he understands, it’s worse - he will understand that it’s a fake and it will look the same as wearing a Chinese Roleks watch for $ 10.
Correctly evaluate this knife is not in comparison withoriginal, but just like a knife from the price range of "up to 40 dollars." In this niche, he competes with Chinese knives and Chinese series of American brands.
And with such a correct comparison ChirogorovIt turns out not so bad. The quality of processing and fitting parts for such a price category is very good. The minor flaws that were mentioned about the knives from this category are quite excusable.
The clip is bad, but at least it is treated. Her design is normal, and after loosening, the knife is quite comfortable to wear. In short, it needs to be finalized with a file.
The performance of the locking bonnets is not very reliable, butcontrary to my expectations, the knife not only did not break, but did not even loose. Backlash is still completely absent. It affects the fact that, in addition to the bonkoy, the blade is also held by the liner, therefore, in general, the design turned out to be quite durable for ordinary tasks. But on knives with Axis Lock, the whole load falls on the bonku, and if it is weak, it just pulls it out, and the blade is not fixed (early Ganzo G717). But still, the knife cannot be classified as strong, and if you need a solid knife that can withstand serious lateral loads, this is not the right option.
The blade is very mediocre in terms of resilience. It helps out the general geometry, thanks to which it still cuts. I expected much worse with such a thick mix. In principle, scrap itself is not a disadvantage. In this knife, a crowbar strong blade is combined with a not very strong design of the knife as a whole, and this is absurd. There would be either a sturdy structure with steel liners complete with such a blade, or a thinly reduced blade to the existing structure. Better yet, a sharp blade along with a sturdy construction.
But the steel on the blade pleased. Very decent sharpening retention combined with a lack of a tendency to chipping.
There is one factor that overshadows memost of the shortcomings and does not give a generally negative assessment of the knife. This is ergonomics. The knife is awesome comfortable. He just does not want to let go of his hands. And at work it is very convenient. Where other knives bypass it at work due to the better cutting ability of the blade, Chirogorov keeps his dignity thanks to ergonomics, because convenience, how much the hand gets tired, affects no less than cutability. In general, ergonomics to a large extent compensates.
In terms of size, Chirogorov corresponds to the Rat

But at the same time, the length of the cutting edge is 1 cm longer. And the blade is much thicker

Rat cutting, Chirogorov more convenient. If there was a thin-bladed blade on Chirogorov, I would say that Rat should definitely prefer it, but I don’t even know ... they are different and not quite competitors.
The knife has both pros and cons. Some of the minuses are significant and irreparable (blade reduction and locking bonk). At the same time, a knife may well compete with knives from the “up to $ 40” category if you are ready to put up with its shortcomings. The idea itself is interesting, the implementation spoiled the impression. Personally, I would buy another knife of the same kind, with the same shape of the handle, but with a more subtle blade.
As for its application, it is quite suitablefor the role of a full-sized knife for everyday wear. Dimensions and weight as in the Rat. For me, this is acceptable in principle, but still not ideal for carrying on my pocket. The large blade is larger than that of the Rat, while the absence of pegs allows you to use the entire length. Very comfortable grip. Convenience great compensates for the scrapiness of the blade, and as a result, the knife is quite convenient for the job. Not suitable for the role of the mount? Yes, and to hell with him. I generally handle knives with care, I need them to cut, and not to hook the sewer manholes. I have knives that are much more flimsy, and I don’t think their delicacy is a disadvantage, because that's what they intended, and even the same Rat has a blade not for picking. And on the whole, the assessment would be generally positive, but somewhere in the subconscious mind is the negative that dancing will require a tambourine and “what if it breaks down?”
When choosing fakes, keep in mind that the "Chinese Shirogorov" is not one model, but different options produced by different workshops. They differ in both design and quality.
Video review:

Recently appeared access to the hardness tester. I checked for hardness some of the knives that appeared in my past reviews