Cheap collar and leash for a small dog or cat

An article for owners of miniature and small dogs and those who like to walk with kitties
The collar is ordered here (clickable).
The leash is ordered here (clickable).
A set of a pink collar and a chihuahua leash at a price came out cheaper than 150 rubles. Surprisingly, the leash seller, at my request, selected the color of the leash to the color of the collar for sure. And I expected after his “ok” to receive something green, blue or pink-crimson at the post office.
It’s worth taking!

Microwave kit:

Accurate dimension table (neck circumference):
HS 19-25 cm
S 24-31 cm
M 30-36 cm

Pros of purchase:
1. VERY CHEAP. Cheaper than a hundred rubles for Ali, there are few high-quality collars, with a beautiful decor, even less.
2. Good quality, the collar is riveted through, nothing sticks out and does not burst. There is a mount for a leash and a loops for fixing the free end of the collar. The leash is very soft, its length is about 120 cm, width 0.7 cm
3. Delivery less than a month
4. Nice and simple decor (without any tear-off beads, gilded flowers and torn lace ribbons)
1. The collar is a little too big for dogs of 2 pounds or less. It is possible to fasten it already, but then it sticks out, and just pruning without processing will be ugly.
2. The collar is a bit thick, and the carabiner is too big when compared with the kit from for my dogs. So, if you spend a few hundred extra (not a problem, then a more beautiful and less massive option is best to look for for my dogs.
Those who prefer the video: collar video and leash video
Steamed from the heat of small: