Pet Travel Drinker

Hello hello again ая dear friend
I continue the series of reviews of "consumer goods" ordered on "Ali" 11.11
This review will be devoted to the “Road drinking bowl for pets,” the purchase of which was made up after constant “inventions,” from which to drink a dog in the next trip :-)))
Additional Information

So, the goods came and pleased, and immediately disappointed. The packaging was without “pimples” (-), but the drinker itself was intact and without transport defects (+).

The entire design of the drinker is made of odorless plastic (+). A bottle of plastic (500 ml.) - type for shampoos, creams, etc., and a tray made of hard plastic.

The design is very unstable in order to put it on the ground, and the pet could quench his thirst at any time - you need to hold the drinker in your hands, as on the label (-).

Now about pouring water into the pan. Initially, I thought that the design is arranged like a drinking bowl for parrots. Those. as the water in the pan decreases, it is refilled there automatically from the tank ... But no! You need to top up by pressing on the container with water (-).

As a result, this procedure worked with a largestraining, it was necessary with great effort to press on the bottle to drip into the pan "a couple of drops." I had to disassemble the lid and see a simple incision in the lid, moreover, structurally made incorrectly to put it mildly ...

Corrected a notch across.

Now the water enters the pan with much less effort, but so far it does not flow out during the usual turning of the bottle).
In general, it requires a lot of improvements, and once again proves that buying on a pulsed and thoughtless basis (especially during the sales period) is not good
All good, health and patience in anticipation of good goods from the "heavenly places"