Gaiwan for three

Hello! Chinese tea teaches that the dishes should be traditional for him. In Russia, it is customary to drink tea from huge mugs of 300-500 ml. In this set, the gaiwani capacity is only 125 ml, and the capacity of the cups is only 30 ml. Is it convenient to use such a miniature kit? Let's try to figure it out.
Porcelain is a fragile thing, so it is important that the packaging is reliable.

Here is a way of packing in foam gives almost100% guarantee of the safety of the goods. Unless, of course, the box falls under the caterpillar tractor. I ordered beating items more than once; there were no problems. Sending by Finland. Delivery about three weeks.
There are 6 items in the package - 3 bowls, gaiwan, saucer and lid. The size of the bowl is relative to the box of matches.
Porcelain of high quality, traditional Chinese colors.
Let's try to make shen puer.
It is convenient to brew, does not burn fingers, mergesfine. But the bowls are designed literally for two sips. Yes, it’s convenient to drink, you feel the aroma of tea, but so far I’m more familiar with a regular mug. But gaiwan is quite comfortable, I will use it. I bought at a discount for only 7 bucks. I don’t advise taking it without a discount, it's expensive. Have a nice tea party!