Good Codos CP-9600 cordless trimmer for dogs and cats

A good (4+) trimmer for your cat or dog. Definitely - you need to take for $ 50.
If you have a dog, or two, or two dogs andcat, like mine - then for you the question of pet grooming is acute. No, we are not small crooks and regularly cut two cockers every 2-3 months, giving 1000-1500 rubles for this. But sometimes there is a need to trim the especially overgrown parts of the body (and muzzle) of the dog - not to go to the shear for this? Again, in winter, it’s kind of a pity to expose the dogs - they’re freezing cold.

There is only one way out - to get your own trimmer.
Our "eldest" is already 4 years old, and now the owners in our person have ripened, finally, to buy a trimmer.
Through searches and comparisons a choice was madestill towards the Chinese, although the option of buying from Amazon was quite considered. I found such a model and manufacturer, which are also represented on the American market, and this already speaks of some kind of quality. Price comparison - Aliexpress is a little cheaper, plus I got a share (it goes on and on, including right now), so instead of $ 71.74 I gave only $ 50.22. By the way, Amazon has less than $ 60, you can check.
Everything arrived in a pretty crumpled package, but everything is intact, almost every item is wrapped in crispy celluloid. In the photo, I already lifted everything, because it shone.

Included are attachments for clippers12.9, 6 and 3 mm long, a charger for a normal Euro outlet (without adapter, solid) with an a la Soviet electric shaver with anti-fool protection (you won’t insert it incorrectly), a brush. The battery was approximately 60% charged. The machine has an interesting oval LCD display that shows% charge, and reminds you when to charge and when to lubricate. Probably, it considers oil in terms of operating time and battery status in terms of charge level.
You may notice that the knife greasethe seller graciously clamped on the Chinese trading tradition. I think he sells it separately, but it was somehow not enough to search. To my remark that this is a bad business, it traditionally fell apart in an apology, said, “Dear laovei, you thought nothing of us badly, we only try for your sake, you can’t transmit liquids in packages and all that.” Well, let's look on the spot.
I was also confused by the look of the knife itself - quiteflimsy in appearance plastic. When choosing on the site, I somehow missed this point. But the seller then assured that it was not plastic, but ceramics. Okay, let it be Chinese pottery, hahaha. Let's see how long the whole thing will last.
Sorry, there will be no parsing of the insides - at least until the machine dies)).
Actually, how does the clipper cut?
In my opinion - great! Just like a dog clipper should. Today we tried on the "youngest", let's look at the process:
For hurrying - from 0:26
It’s only a problem to cut the hair between the fingers,but under this usually there are miniature cars with about the size of a thick felt-tip pen. I’m looking for WAHL on Amazon, but honestly, the toad defeats me.
That, in fact, is all. Thanks for attention.