Infrared heater for terrarium.

Another bauble came from China - an infrared heater. Why did I buy it?
There was a need to heat the potable water tank in the chicken shed. In minus weather, the only thing left to do is to peck at the ice and naturally feathered it. Talk about the hero of the review. Unfortunately, without dismemberment, no matter howdisassembled, everything is glued and tightly fitted. The heater is made in the E27 base and constructively represents a 10 cm saucer glued to the base of the lamp, 18 mm deep. The entire heater is 85 mm high.
We look at the photo

For the sake of interest, I measured the current consumption of 0.12 A(26.4 W) and after 20 minutes of heating, the current dropped to 0.08 A (17.6 W), which corresponds to the seller’s description from 13 to 25 watts. Tactile temperature of the heater with the cartridge 60-70 degrees. The inner part of the saucer in the center is heated to ~ 200 ° C. It makes sense to make a metal screen for the heater so that the birds do not burn scallops. In the on state, the heat is directed and is felt at a distance of up to 30 cm. You can find the use of a heater in anything. From heating food, cups of coffee, to local heating of dog kennels, terrariums, etc. And if you screw it into a garage carry, you can warm the car door locks, a frozen engine. As the saying goes, "a gimmick of invention is cunning."
To heat the barn, it is of course rather weak, but forthe enclosure of 100-200 liters is the most. I think in the future to add to it a time relay, or a relay with a temperature sensor. Infrared or not, I find it difficult to answer, but it performs its functions perfectly. Do not torment me in the comments, they say it was easier to insulate the barn than to block the heating inside. I agree, to blame. I hope that a little spark will add at least a little warmth to the home of the feathered family. I will be glad if you tell me which reel it is convenient to use for temperature adjustment. Thanks for attention.
- base E27
- ease of use (included and forgot)
- security
- small dimensions
- efficiency
- price (I would like cheaper)
- lack of a protective screen (necessary for pets)