Making ham in the oven using ham: how to use a device for cooking pressed meat, chicken pork recipe

Hello. An overview of homemade ham and other meat products. You can buy from us. But more expensive. For the same model with four springs called Redmond RHP-M02 in our CSN they ask for 1499 rubles. And you have to go to the store after her. And here the SDEK courier brought the goods home. That is, you buy and receive a purchase almost without getting off the couch.

The ham was delivered, I must say, in a very rumpled box, I have not seen such rumpled ones for a long time.

Attached to the ham and booklet with alleged recipes. But there were no recipes, just photos of dishes that can be prepared in this device.

The ham is very much like a big canstews .. But metal is still stainless steel and thicker than a can. It was originally glued with a white plastic film, which did not completely peel off, since it was clamped around the edges, had to be pulled out in pieces with tweezers.

The lower drive can be set to one of three levels, depending on the volume of the product. These levels are indicated by "pimples" inside.
The principle of operation is simple. Whole or lumpy meat is placed in the cylinder

and clamped by two discs that are pulled togethersprings. During heat treatment, which is either boiling in water or baking in the oven, the meat volume decreases and the springs compact it. As a result, we get a single whole that can be cut like a sausage.
We pass to the practical part.
Well, ham, in this case, I do notinteresting, because to make the right ham, this piece of iron is completely unnecessary. For testing, the subject decided to make a piece of boiled pork from chicken legs.
Here it is necessary to approach carefully the choice of raw materials, my first attempt to cook boiled pork was pitiable.
The first time I bought a huge cheap broilerfrozen legs of 99 rubles / kg and began to cook as described below. And he noticed - there’s a lot of liquid leaking out, and the meat is somehow tightened. How so? And only after all this I read the composition on the label - chicken legs + soy protein !!! .. And the chicken type was just for frying. There it is cho michalych. The ham is sprinkled with soy protein. And this protein can hold up to 6 liters of water per kg! The result of my work from this raw material refused to eat not only people, but also pets. Then he fed the poor street mutts.
Oh well, keep on reviewing

The most tedious thing in this process is cutting meat.

It must not be cut off, but scraped from the bones, then things will go faster

Out of 1.7 kg of chilled chicken legs I haveit turned out 1.2 kg of pulp. Of course, you could buy chicken breasts, it would be easier, but they have lean meat and are not suitable for boiled pork. In the legs, fat is present in the right amount. And it is also important that there is a lot of skin in the legs, and during heat treatment it gives gelatin, which will bind the finished product. Add 1.5% salt, 3 cloves per kg of garlic, 4 g / kg black pepper to the meat. I mix everything and send it to ham, I can’t stand it first, because I don’t see the point. The meat will languish in the oven for several hours, which is more than enough to saturate normally with salt and smells of spices.

I figure out how much meat and set the lower disc in the cylinder on the second of three levels so that the springs stretch as much as possible. A film for baking is taken and laid out along the walls.

I don’t chop the meat additionally, I fill the cylinder with pieces big and small, which turned out during the breakup. Now we can say for sure that exactly 1200 g enters the 2nd level.

I put the second disk and pull the springs opposite each other. The device is ready for use.

I put the ham in the oven in some sort of dish, since during the cooking process the springs will squeeze out both liquid and fat.
I turn on the oven at 120 degrees and simmer meat for 4 hours. According to GOST, boiled pork is baked at 120 -150 degrees for 3-5 hours.

I take out the ham, the upper disc sank to the middle of the slots.

Weighed - 350 g weight loss

Cool for 12 hours. And here is the result. Long-term heat treatment did the trick. It tastes very similar to pork boiled pork.

The product turned out pretty dense, cutthin circles without falling apart. Well, if you cut very thinly, a piece may fall off, as in the video. Boiled poultry has an intense smell. And most importantly, everyone respects it so much in boiled pork - the product melts in your mouth.
Another masterpiece cooked in ham is pressed beef.

Pressed beef is a brutal product,therefore, you can not bother cutting fascia and other connective tissue, during the heat treatment it all becomes not only edible, but also useful as a source of hyaluronic acid, in addition it gives a colorful picture on the cut.
The temperature and cooking time are the same: 120 degrees - 4 hours. But ordinary salt is mixed with 1: 1 nitrite salt so that the meat at the exit is not gray.

The pieces of meat in the cooking process were soldered together, the product turned out to be very dense

Due to the heterogeneity of the product, the salt is absorbedunevenly and it turned out, IMHO, a beautiful original drawing. Gray islands are visible in the middle, so the whole piece would look if it were not for nitrite salt. Some say it is harmful. Perhaps this is true, but on the condition that there is not a single industrial enterprise, exhaust gas and other joys of civilization in the perimeter of 500 km around you, and you do not use fire, because there is smoke, and there are much more harmful substances in it. The concentration of 0.6% sodium nitrite in salt is allowed in Europe, and this is where thousands of cattle are destroyed due to a little virus. I mean, in discussions about the harmfulness of nitrite, there is more paranoia than common sense.

Can be cut into thin slices.
Maybe someone wants to repeat the design of the ham, so I give the data of some measurements
Diameter 110 mm
Height 170 mm
The thickness of the steel is 0.4 mm.
1.5 mm wire springs
Diameter 18mm
20 turns
That’s all for me.
Thanks for your attention