PS3 joystick charging cable: how to protect yourself from a failed purchase of a device for a gamepad

On the occasion went to the Playstation 3.
After a short use, it seemed terribly inconvenient to charge its 2 gamepads and 2 movs from the Playstation itself.
Searching on aliexpress found a charger.

The reviews were conflicting. Like all sellers of similar chargers. The fact that the mov does not enter the second hole was immediately clear from the description. But that would be okay. She refused to charge all gamepads at all - she blinks a red lamp and sleep.
Additional Information

Judging by the dismemberment, the second connector should not charge anything - the lines D + and D- are not separated.

This review should protect people from buying this lot.
Here's another video shot how this miracle of technology works

If you have ideas how to revive the patient, feel free to comment.
The jury Aliexpress awarded a full refund, therefore, I advise everyone to punish the sellers of such crafts.