How to use a can opener with a twist: a tip on a safe can opener

Greetings comrades!
About three years ago, being in the connecting states of America, on the occasion I bought a can opener "Green Can Opener" from the Swiss company Kuhn Rikon, which is about 25 enemy money.
What can be said about this knife, it is gorgeous. Completely safe cut, smooth edges of both the jar and the lid, no burrs and other torn pieces of iron, which are commonplace for simple openers as well as automatic ones, etc. The lid can again be used for its intended purpose,closing it with a can, since after this knife it remains a lid, and not a piece of torn piece of iron that is suitable only as a cold weapon. It is also important that children can use such an opener very easily and safely, due to the complete absence of sharp, ragged edges of the can.
Photo Kuhn Rikon "Green Can Opener"

After a successful experience of continuous operationGreen Can Opener, still wanted to buy a couple of the same ones, but the dollar exchange rate at that time raised the price to almost 1800r, and the search in China did not give any results at that time, the green freshwater won a complete and unconditional victory.
After 3 years, I stumble upon an externally (by mechanism) a very similar device, and according to reviews often flicker messages about the smooth edges of the cut, I decided to take a sample)))
On Ali, there are several versions of the opener with this mechanism from cheaper to more expensive, I chose the middle option.
Shipping chose China Post Registered Air Mailcosting 90 rubles, so that the delivery cost is a little smudge, I ordered more small things. As a result, the total cost of the order is 480 rubles + 90 rubles for delivery. The seller sent the order in two packages, providing two full track numbers in RS .... .EE format. To Moscow, one package (with an opener) from the time of the order arrived in about 20 days, the second one is on the way, after a couple of days I think I'll pick it up (pah, pah, pah).
For room lovers:

Packaging is standard, soft bag.

The hero of the review itself:


What is said to be engaged in writing, we take a jar and conduct an investigative experiment, so to speak.

What we have in the end:

The lid subsequently closes back easily, without effort:

The stew is devoured, the tincture is drunk.
(The jar was not empty, but washed for a photo session after absorbing the contents))))
No matter how I tried to cut myself into a jar and a lid, it didn’t work out, the edges are even, smooth, there are no burrs.
The cut quality is not inferior to Kuhn Rikon "GreenCan Opener ”, but costs three times cheaper at the moment. Opener "Green Can Opener" opened more than one hundred cans, there is no doubt as a metal cutting knife and after 3 years it cuts like clockwork, but what about the quality of the metal of the Chinese counterpart, as they say - Let's see ...
I definitely recommend the product for purchase, to the hostessesThis opener is definitely like, since it does not require any effort to open at all, a long main handle, a large twig-twist remove almost any load from the wrist when opening it.
In general, the knife is made quite qualitatively, does not slip in wet hands, the move is easy and smooth, quite weighty, in general, everything is decent and sound.
The can opened with this knife is completely safe for children, and for the hostess, respectively, too. I will order myself again, for giving and for gifts)))
The cat approves

With respect to all comrades!