Casserole VIOL-24C stainless steel with a lid (5 l) + spoon as a gift

Good day dear Muscovites!
This review, as you can see from the title, is dedicated to the usual POLARIS five-liter pan made of high-quality stainless steel. All interested please ask for cat.
This pan was ordered at the beginning of the year byat the request of the spouse. The price at that time was very attractive compared to the official POLARIS store in Russia, where about four thousand rubles were asked for it.
Order screen

Shipping and Packaging
Delivery of the pan was carried out by courier.DPD from a warehouse in Moscow to the threshold of my apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. The delivery speed impressed me. From the moment of payment to the moment of receipt, it took just a little more than a day (or rather 27 hours).
The casserole was packed in a company box wrapped in one layer of “pimple”.

During transportation, neither the pan nor the packaging was damaged.

The box indicates the manufacturer and specifications in three languages.


Additionally, the pan and spoon were packed in polyethylene.

A small instruction was also attached, and to be more precise, a list of recommendations for the care and use of the pan.

This pan is designed for five liters. On the inner matte side, it has a displacement marking.

The outside, on the contrary, has a shiny mirror surface.

The wall thickness is only 0.7 mm ... The bottom is reinforced with a layer of aluminum (contributing to the rapid and uniform heating of water) and has a thickness of 5 mm ...

The lid of the pan is absolutely flat and made of heat-resistant glass.

It has a V-shaped tack for convenient location of the complete spoon and has non-heating inserts made of bakelite (heat-resistant plastic).

The same inserts are on the handles of the pan itself.Their main advantages are that they do not heat up, do not slip, providing a comfortable grip. Despite the heat resistance, bakelite pens have a temperature limit - they can withstand heat up to 150 ° C (up to 260 ° C for individual manufacturers).
On the lower rim of the lid from two opposite sides there is a series of holes of small and large diameter.

Also on the pan itself there are two "spouts".

Since the lid does not have a standard opening, steam escapes through them.

It is also convenient to drain excess liquid through them, and the pan handles have a second position when the lid is pressed when draining and it does not need to be additionally held.

The spoon that comes with the kit has a long, hollow inside handle made of stainless steel. The main part is made of silicone.

Since the spoon has a small volume, its main functions are mixing the product during cooking and taking the sample.

A short video from the manufacturer with a description of the main functions.
In general, the wife liked the pan, so a week later a second order was made, this time to the mother-in-law's address.
Thank you all for watching and bon appetit ...