Ceramic knives + peeler

Hello dear Muscovites! I present to you ceramic knives in black, who are interested please ask for cat.
I have long had an idea to buy ceramic knives. Old knives that have been serving their own for more than 5 years and long ago, especially since they were also Chinese, but from the most sloppy steel, they were constantly dull and had to be sharpened all the time. I already got tired of such a gimmick and I decided to buy this kit:

I bought knives without a stand because from oldknives and so good stand remained, wooden, better than any plastic. I don’t like all the shiny glossy plastic because it easily leaves fingerprints, you’re tormented by wiping, and the stand in the kit would have been some kind of crap (some curve might be scratched or, in short, a waste of money). The size of the knives is 3,4,5,6 "+ a peeler. Let's take a look at one of the knives a little closer:

As we see immediately there are flaws - smallthe gap between the handle and the blade, as well as a round imprint on the handle itself (at this angle it may not be visible here). But in general, if you do not consider it under a magnifying glass, then everything is very acceptable. The blade is clean, without spots, even sharpening, the color is beautiful (black is more suitable for them than white, on white it seems that the blade is very thin). Pleasantly holds in hands thanks to the rubberized handle.
Knife test with "factory sharpening" knives passed onsolid five, meat, vegetables, bread are cut with a bang, the peeler also did not disappoint, cleans the peel well, holds comfortably in her hands. A zirconium oxide blade has antibacterial properties: it does not transmit odors and does not react with food, it repels harmful substances, for example, when cutting onions you will not “sob”. Ideal for cutting fish, vegetables. fruit, meat. One word is not knives but a fairy tale

But there are black sides to the tale. For example, you can’t cut solid foods, wash in a dishwasher, bend, drop (because they are fragile), throw it, store it in a box with metal objects (spoons, forks), and also pick it with your tip - it will break off.
In service they are almost no different from ordinary metal knives, the only difference is that they need special sharpening.
In the end, I want to say that the knives will serve youlong if properly used, environmentally friendly. I recommend to buy! Despite what kind of knives you use, I wish you good food and never accidentally cut yourself
Hungry don't watch!