Ceramic knives with stand

After 1.5 months of practical testing, I’ll tell you what happened. I do not recommend reading on an empty stomach - there will be photos of the result of cooking!
It was in November - the wife asked to buy ceramic knives (there was already experience in using such knives, though they were honestly ruined out of ignorance). I thought that they must be withstand - the best option for their storage. Choosing a long time came across a more or less normal option, and although the price was a little high (as it seemed then) - I ordered it. Surprisingly, the order came very quickly - 12 ordered, 18 sent, 29 already received! But as always, there was a fly in the ointment - when I opened the parcel I discovered the absence of a stand ... Stunned by such impudence, he immediately opened the dispute, demanding half the amount back. The seller very much apologized and offered to send the stand separately, which he did. The stand came just as quickly and I canceled the dispute.
The knives themselves were packed in a box

But unpacking the stand, I realized that I ordered it for a reason - it just looks like a sight for sore eyes!

The stand is made of platik (like plexiglass)transparent on the one hand and mirrored on the other hand. Blade stoppers and plugs from ordinary “chromed” plastic, rubber bands for anti-skid are glued from below

That's how it looks in the kit

About the most important thing - about knives: there is one serious drawback that I knew about - the unprotected edge of the blade near the handle, so you have to be more careful so that the hand does not slip (once all the same, cut a finger - cut out the eyes of a potato, in a hurry). But soon you get used to it and there are no problems. Initially, I wanted to find knives with protection (as in a recent review of similar knives on the musk), but I did not find normal ones with a stand.
The knives themselves are made very high quality - a handle fromhard rubber with pimples closer to the blade, zirconium oxide blades (according to the seller) of different lengths: 8 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm. There is also a peeler, but more on that later.
ATTENTION!!! I do not recommend cutting products with ceramic knives on glass and stone surfaces! I use a translucent silicone rug (you can see it in the photo).
About the main thing: different products cut knives differently:
- fresh meat and ham are cut easily enough, you can cut into thin slices.
- tomatoes miss a little because of the smooth and elastic skin.
- The cheese is also surprisingly cut easily and thinly.
- the potato is cut with "strain", heavier than a steel knife, but the most surprising is that it does not darken for a long time without water.
It’s hard to use the potato peeler - the potato slips out all the time, although maybe I'm just not used to it. Although it cuts the skin thinly.
The best test for knives is to cook something! And we will prepare the eastern dish "Lagman". True, this will also require a cast-iron cauldron, but it is quite possible to get it.
And so, for starters, take a piece of meat (beef,lamb, pork - whoever you like, but I only turned out to be chicken, and even that cut), cut into cubes (there is no photo, the reasons are indicated above). Next, we clean and cut the onions in half rings, cut the carrots and bell pepper into strips. In a cauldron we heat the sunflower over full heatbutter and put the meat, then onions, carrots, bell pepper and tomato (did not keep track - the tomatoes were eaten and did not get into the lagman). While frying, peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. We make sure that the onion does not burn out, periodicallymix. as soon as the meat is slightly fried - pour hot boiled water, add salt, spices (took spices for potatoes) to taste, black pepper. We press a couple of garlic cloves there too. Stir and add the potatoes. Add water as needed to hide3 cm potatoes. Make a medium heat, cover with a lid (not until the end) and cook until the potatoes are ready and turn off. You can make noodles yourself, but you can save a lot of time and buy, for example, this Cook the noodles, rinse and lay in a braid (I took a salad bowl - a larger size), fill with the prepared broth!
Pros: the main ones are sharp and do not need to be sharpened.
Cons: there is no protection of the edge of the blade near the handle, if chips appear, you can throw it away (so you need to handle it carefully).
There will be questions - contact!