When it’s not possible to buy an adapter from VGA to HDMI output: we modify the computer monitor with our own hands

VGA + audio. an adapter that works, or the second life of an old monitor-2 ">

One dark winter evening I was tasked with making a TV in the kitchen from a monitor. Fortunately, the monitor was already there. The task was successfully solved, details under the cut.
First of all, I went to the market and bought a DVB-T tuner with HDMI output (I don’t have either DVI or VGA) and speakers. The tuner cost 15 bucks, speakers 4 or 5 -accordingly, there was no sense in waiting from China. But the adapters were only HDMI-DVI, which inspired some hope. But alas, none of the available monitors wanted to work with such an adapter. There are no VGA adapters on sale, and what is on online flea markets somehow significantly exceeds the cost in China, and you still need to look for a seller who agrees to send by mail, which, by the way, makes the project even more expensive. 10-15 bucks for the adapter - pick-up.
This adapter has been driving for so long that it’s alreadyI was visited several times by the thought of ordering a new one. The track was sold, but he tracked somewhere to Turkey and froze there. Well, to hell with him - what was my surprise today when the notice came, and when I received the package, I found this damn adapter there.
The megadevice itself is a box measuring 45x45x15mm, with a VGA-female connector on one end and a 3.5mm audio jack and a 20cm cable with an HDMI-male connector on the other. NO external power.

The micro-USB connector is not soldered on the board and apparently some kind of small power socket. Soldering and assembly on a four. Included is a dad dad cable 3.5mm jacks.
Well, it's time to move on to assembling the unit. hmm ... the tuner has only one USB socket, and then on the face. And the speakers are powered by a USB connector ... Accordingly, either speakers or a flash drive, for example. Well, or another PSU, which somehow is already quite a pick. So - you have to embed a USB connector to power the speakers on the rear panel.
We disassemble, saw:

We solder two M3 nuts to the USB socket - do I have to fix it somehow?

We look for + and - on the board, which are dialed with the corresponding contacts of the native connector, and we solder a new connector to these contacts:


The adapter successfully picked up a resolution of 1080p,like everyone else, accessible to the tuner and monitor (though for those with the letter i, the picture is trembling pretty much, but then I don’t know who is to blame, and why, if there are other options). The picture is surprisingly good, the sound is clear and loud. If it weren’t for the delivery speed, I could recommend it, but I’m not sure, and the goods had already disappeared from the seller by this time.
In general - I'm quite happy with the alteration, but if sofor that matter - you need to take a monitor with built-in speakers for this business, this is a much more successful IMHO solution. And ideally - also with HDMI - then not only will there be only one connecting cable, but also, as I understand it, the monitor can turn on and off when the tuner is turned on and off. However, it already depends on the monitor, apparently. But even in this form, the whole system cost me about 25 bucks (we consider the monitor what is available). But there are undoubtedly some inconveniences in the form of a bunch of wires and the need to turn the monitor on and off separately from the tuner. But this can be considered a plus - the speakers now work independently of the monitor