Indoor Digital TV Antenna DVB-T2 (Digital Indoor TV Antenna HD TV HD VHF UHF Flat Design High Gain EU Plug FZ2607)

When a year ago broadcasting began in our citySince it was a digital television in DVB-T2 format, I purchased a set-top box for receiving it, since my TV has a built-in DVB-T tuner and, accordingly, could not accept the new standard of digital television. For the reception, a homemade indoor antenna was used, which was made in one evening from improvised materials.
But her plain appearance somewhat spoiled the view of the roomand it was decided to look for a room antenna of a more or less decent appearance. Several online stores were shoveled, but either the appearance or the price didn’t suit. Black Friday came in 2014, and just then the desired antenna was found at a very attractive price.

Package Content

Assembly and installation of the antenna

1.Good appearance for indoor antenna.
2. Price (at the time of purchase).
Not found.
In summary, I recommend to buy, for whom you need a small and good looking indoor antenna for digital television.