Set of scissors for grooming.

Good day, dear readers! I present to you a set of scissors for grooming. I at one time did not find any reviews at all about such products from China, so I hope that my review will be useful to someone) I ask everyone interested under cat.
What is grooming

The kit includes:
7 "straight scissors

7 "curved double-sided scissors

filler scissors 6.5 "

-metal comb with rare and frequent teeth
-button for adjusting the tension of the bolt
-suede leather
Scissors are made very high quality, at allthe scissors have a micro notch (so that the hair does not slide off). It is colorfully painted, the color is saturated, there are no complaints about the appearance. Sharpened not bad, but I really want to grind the lines)
There was a catch in the thinning scissors. Since these are scissors from China (and apparently made for the Chinese), the arrangement of the canvases (straight and with teeth) is the opposite (Asian type of hair), unlike the European one. Such scissors are suitable for hard / thick hair (goldens, some spitz), soft hair (yorki, cocker) will not work to cut them.

I want to note that these are not the only scissors inmy arsenal, the rest of the scissors were bought offline and for a much higher price. I ordered this kit more for the sake of experiment (and what if I’m lucky?), and, in principle, I am happy with it. I use periodically, curved scissors are good for edging paws and cutting the head in Yorks; direct - they expect sharpening, but the fillers ... are waiting for their finest hour.
P.S. I apologize for the wool on the scissors and for the quality of the photo, I photographed on slippers)