Aquarium compressor Leecom AU-312

Today's review will be devoted to the compressor for the Leecom AU-312 aquarium, which I purchased on the expanses of Aliexpress.
The fact is that on New Year's holidays, GrandfatherFrost brought my daughter a small aquarium with all the equipment necessary for his work. Well, since at that time he was not well-versed in all of these things, and did not know how much the fish would take root in our family, the equipment was purchased at the very lowest cost. And if the filter, heating and thermometer claimsno, then a slip came out with the compressor. Despite its small size, he rattled like a tractor. Moreover, the obsessive buzz was clearly audible in all corners of the apartment, which unnerved me terribly. I had to search for compressors of other models. As a result, I made a choice between Leecom and now so (he’s definitely silent). But the almost 3-fold difference in cost pushed me towards the model under review. The second option would be purchased if the AU-312 did not live up to all the expectations assigned to it.
There was no full-fledged track to the parcel with a compressor, so its movement can only be tracked across China. If someone is interested in this information, then you can see it here.
Compressor is supplied without anyoriginal packaging - my copy came in an ordinary plastic bag. In the delivery set, in addition to the compressor itself, there was absolutely nothing. Even taking into account that he initially had an American plug, there was no adapter to our sockets.

Also there was no hose and sprayer kit,so if you will buy a compressor, then carefully read what goes with it (I saw a couple of lots, where all this is included, but they cost more). Well, since I already had all this stuff, I did not worry about it. By the way, before that I had Xilong AP-001, which can be seen in the ad (on the right).

Compressors of this kind, but without a name, are full on Aliexpress, but I do not recommend you to buy them. I think that they will work almost no better than the one that I had.
So, externally, Leecom AU-312 looks verypretty. Its body is made of white plastic with a translucent blue insert at the top. On the insert you can see the name and model of the compressor. I have no complaints about the quality of assembly and manufacturing. No cracks, cracks or gaps were found. Plastic also has no odor.

The seller has 4 models of compressors, butsince the volume of our aquarium is only 60 liters, I took the simplest option. If you believe the seller, then the performance of the AU-312 is 1.2 l / min (unfortunately, I am not able to check this parameter), and the power is 1.5W.
On the underside of the compressor you can see 4light green rubber legs. Rubber is soft enough and dampens the vibration of the motor well. Here you can see the sticker with the characteristics and some strange hole covered with a cloth. Its essence is not very clear to me, maybe this is a drainage hole in case water gets into the compressor ... There is also an eyelet for attaching the compressor to a vertical surface.

On the front of the compressor is a connector forhose connection. Its outer diameter is 5 mm or something about it. As far as I understand, in small models they are all standard, since the hose with the Xilong AP-001 came up exactly.

The halves of the casing are connected to each other using 4 screws, so you can get to the insides of the compressor without much difficulty:

In principle, nothing more interesting in the external,Yes, and there is no internal view of the compressor, which means that we can proceed to its practical tests. I don’t have a sound meter, therefore I used a special program and a smartphone. First Xilong AP-001:

Apparently, the noise level reproducedcompressor 52 dB. And this is taking into account the fact that he stands on a sponge for washing dishes, which reduces vibration even less, and, consequently, noise. Without a sponge, the compressor legs drove constantly along the windowsill, leaving black marks.
Now Leecom AU-312's turn:

Under the same conditions, noise level 34dB, which is 18dB less !!! To be honest, the volume of the new compressor was a pleasant surprise for me. Of course, I expected and really hoped that it would be quieter than its predecessor, but so much ... As for performance, subjectively, despite the photos in the ad, the volume of air pumped by Leecom AU-312 does not differ from Xilong AP-001. In any case, the flow of pop-up bubbles, in my opinion, has not changed at all. This is how it looks now:

Well, at the end, the data on the energy consumption of the compressor:

To summarize everything that was written here, I cansay that the Leecom AU-312 compressor can be safely recommended for purchase to everyone who owns a small aquarium. I'm definitely not sure about more powerful models, but the AU-312 works almost silently - the sound of pop-up and bursting air bubbles drowns out the compressor noise, which in itself cannot but rejoice. So the purchase was extremely successful, I am pleased with the purchase at 100%. At minimal cost, I managed to return silence to the apartment, without depriving the fish of the air they needed
That’s probably all. Thank you for your attention and your time.