AliExpress 5th Birthday Cake Coupons

coupon code
Valid until: 04/10/2015

In honor of its fifth anniversary, aliexpress finally got generous with the long-awaited coupons.
At the beginning of each hour, a small number of coupons with a face value of $ 5 appears when ordering from $ 35.
To receive a coupon, you must at the beginning of the hour:
one. be logged in on aliexpress;
2. cut a piece of cake from the link above;
3. ALWAYS poke the social network icon in which you want to share the link (until you choose, you are not considered a winner, and coupons fly out very quickly).
The lucky ones are also given the opportunityto share with friends on social networks or via twitter 5 coupons with a face value of $ 2 when ordering from $ 15 (although the coupon says the same from $ 35, the coupon page says $ 15), while you can’t participate in the drawing of new coupons for $ 5 until all the two-dollar coupons from the last win are withdrawn.
Facebook and vk are inundated with $ 2 coupons, however, as far as I understand, you cannot get more than 3 such coupons per account.
All coupons are valid from April 1 to 10.
ps: thanks to our redlightgreen for our happy childhood! *
upd.: In principle, I think no special rules for the music will be violated if the links to your coupons are posted in the comments - and it’s easier for you to cut pies and visitors of the music do not have to bother with searching for live coupons for $ 2.
To do this, take the following steps:
1. after successfully slicing the cake, select "share via twitter";
2. from the window that opens, copy the link and paste it here in the comments, but just don’t hide it so that you can copy it into the browser line (because the redirect from redlightgreen turns it into a coffin);
3. If, when you try to cut the cake (not even at the beginning of the hour), they don’t draw pieces of the pie, but write that all the coupons are over, then you have shared with enough people.
upd.2: It seems they say they introduced captcha, so from this moment the sequence of actions can change.
* upd.3: let's try to remove dead links to coupons and instead write something positive (for example: “thanks to our redlightgreen for our happy childhood”) so as not to confuse people looking for coupons.
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