Coupons for installing a mobile application.

The following coupon types are available:
US $ 3 for orders from $ 4
US $ 7 for orders of $ 79
US $ 30 for orders starting at $ 249
US $ 60 for orders starting at $ 500
US $ 100 for orders starting at $ 700
How to get a coupon:
1. Download the AliExpress app and log in to your profile.
2. Click on the “$ 200 Coupons” banner on the main page.
3. Follow the instructions and get your coupon. How to use the coupon: Find the product you like and start placing your order. On the payment page, select a coupon and the discount amount will be automatically deducted from the total amount of the order.
Promotion time: March 21, 10:00 - March 30, 10:59 Moscow time - Coupon is available to users who have not previously ordered on AliExpress.
No more than 1 coupon per profile / device.
Coupons work with a general order from several sellers.
Coupons can be combined with discounts on orders and coupons of sellers.
200 thousand coupons are distributed per day. - Coupons are distributed in order of priority.
Make sure you have the latest version of the application.
Works with shopopro
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