Laser Cat Toy Ipaw Beam

Hello! This is my first review. We are talking about a laser toy for cats Ipaw Beam, in short - the goods are worth taking, for more detailed information, I ask for cat.
I decided to order a laser pointer toy for my cat. I read on the forums that the laser power should not exceed 3 mW, otherwise it is dangerous for the eyes of the animal. During the search for laser pointers, I encountered suchthe problem is that pointers of less than 3 MW are powered by “tablet” batteries, which is unacceptable for long-term operation (low capacity and high price), and all pointers with a suitable power source (AAA, AA, etc.) have a laser power of more than 3mW . Since I did not find suitable pointers to Ali, I began to look for a special laser toy for cats, and came across the hero of our review.
Ipaw Beam toy immediately interested in the presence ofpowered by two AAA batteries, but laser power not indicated. After looking at similar goods from other sellers, one of them with a more expensive price tag found the indicated power of 2 mW in the description, and decided to order it anyway.
The goods came in a regular bag, the toy itself in a blister pack, nothing was damaged.

When opening the blister, no smell of China was found, the plastic is strong enough, the battery cover closes securely, does not hang.

Immediately after opening, two AAA batteries were inserted, the toy works. It is turned on by pressing one of any five buttons, the laser brightness is visually acceptable for games with a cat.
Bottom line - I and the cat are happy with the purchase.
And according to tradition, the photo of the user of the device