Small Power Bank with a display for 18650 batteries US $ 2.76 (without battery)

Finally I got a discount on this Power Bank,the average price of the same without a discount is about 3.4 US. The battery can be put without protection since there is a built-in. Why exactly this one - there is a flashlight in the household with a similar battery, for a small surcharge a full-fledged Power Bank for trips is obtained
1.Capacity: can install 1PC 18650 rechargeable battery.
2. With protector
3. Capacity: Depended on the battery
4. Input: 5V-1.0 A (MAX)
5. Output: 5V-1.0 A (MAX)
6. Dimension: 105 * 25 * 27mm
7.Color Available: Green? Black? Yellow? Blue? White? Red
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