Set of 2 batteries for the GoPro HERO3 action camera and network charger with the option of charging in the car

Recently I took a kit from my DAC ordered on Ali a month ago. In general, I am satisfied with the set. I can recommend to buy.
Details and metrology, as usual inside the post.
I certainly like the GoPro HERO3 camera. I have never regretted having acquired it.
Sometimes, however, after long pokatushek you can forget to charge it and remain without a video at the most inopportune moment.
In general, this applies to any photo-video equipment, so ...
The order was sent by the seller from Sweden.
Track number, for those who are interested: RE104030986SE
I bought a set for $ 11.36, but paid in rubles. It turned out 774.52r at the time of payment.
The kit was quite well packaged.
Includes 2 AHDBT-301/302 batteries and a universal charger.

Each battery in a separate package with the attached "documentation" (or rather, instructions for safe use) in 7 languages.

Charger in a separate box.

The memory device was pleasant in that it can be connected both to a 100-220V socket and to a 12V DC source in a car through the included adapter.

The battery is inserted into the charger tightly.
In the process of charging, the red LED on the memory is lit, at the end of the charge is green.

Here are the larger batteries. Each has a "petal" for pulling out of GoPro, as well as native batteries.

In the first version of the review, many users were unhappy that the review did not contain technical data.
In general, corrected!
Since here we are talking about batteries, then according to the tradition of redlightgreen, I measured how it turned out, with the popular iMax.
Taking the battery from the package, connected it to imax-y with paper clips and charged it with a current of 0.5A. We managed to cram here so much (the battery apparently had a small charge):

After a full charge set to discharge. Discharge current was set to 0.7A
So much was pumped out:

It seems not much, but for comparison I took a fully charged and relatively new (5-6 cycles no more) ORIGINAL GoPro battery. At a discharge of 0.7A, he showed these values:

The original lived 15 minutes longer and gave approximately 200mA more. Which is logical.
In the video recording mode 1920x1080x60fps files for 12 minutes, with WiFi turned off, the monitored battery lasted for 1 hour 42 minutes. It seems to me not bad.

Thus, I personally believe that the monitored batteries, although they do not reach the original in terms of measured capacity, are quite entitled to life as backup batteries.
In general, everything functions as it should.
The camera works, but my soul is calm because now when shooting there will not be a sudden “breakdown”

Thank you for reading the review, and I hope it was useful to someone!