Non-original Chunghop L336 - a trained universal remote control and its development

Reviews of this console were already here, but I came across a fake Chunghop, it is slightly different from the original.
Well, the plus will be dismembered and a little revision.
I bought this remote control at the sale of 11.11, and by mistake I ordered two pieces. I didn’t cancel the order, I decided that the more remotes in the house, the better.
Honestly, I did not expect that a copy would come, I did not even know that they were faked.
Yes, the seller’s photos do not have the inscription “Chunghop”, but I often read in reviews that sellers in the photo erase the brand name.
But in this case, I received exactly what I ordered.

Externally, except for the inscription, the remotes are no different from the original ones. Case, buttons - everything is exactly the same.
I did not really like the ergonomics of the remote. The buttons are all about the same shape and size, are not grouped in any way, so it’s difficult to find the right button by touch.
This especially applies to the volume buttons - they are most often used, well, you could make them different from others!
The lower part of the remote control is round, therefore, if the remote control is lying on the table, it can be problematic to control it with one finger, the remote will fall on its side.

And one more small problem - the diode is recessed deep into the body and the remote control sometimes does not work if it is directed at an angle to the TV.
But, again, the original Chunghop has all of these shortcomings.
As it turned out, my remote control has a slightly different programming procedure.
The remote control is trained, that is, to configure it, the old remote is required.
So the procedure:
1. We have L336 and the old panel opposite each other.
2. Hold the TV button on the L336 for a few seconds until the diode lights up in bright light.
3. Briefly press the button that we want to program on L336. The diode will blink.
4. Briefly press the corresponding button on the old remote control. The diode should stop flashing.
Repeat steps 3-4 for the remaining buttons.
For buttons that require auto-repeat (volume buttons, menu navigation, etc.), in step 4, press the button and hold for about a second.
In addition to the TV, you can program two more devices. I transferred to the remote control the media console and amplifier.
There is nothing interesting inside, from the word at all - two microcircuits, two LEDs and that’s all.

Some inscription appeared on the plastic, maybe this is the manufacturer?

Since the remote control was disassembled, I decided to fix the problem with the diode. The refinement is elementary - just a couple of millimeters need to lengthen the legs.

Now the diode sticks out of the case and the remote control works at any angle!

Despite minor flaws, the L336 is a very successful model for its price.
We use new remotes every day and almost do not touch the native remote control from the TV.
A copy of Chunghop is practically no different from the original, but it's probably better to spend $ 1-2 more and buy a real one.