Passport cover with map of Europe

Good day! I bring to your attention a small review of a little trinket. Passport cover with map of Europe. The size approached the RF passport, the quality is normal, you can take it.
My wife asked to buy a cover for a passport. They looked at Ali, this one liked. I personally have been using a genuine leather cover for ten years, an unkillable thing. Here is honest PVC, without a hint of skin. But the spouse said that I want something more fun and interesting in terms of design. Ordered. The package flew in a couple of weeks. The packaging is simple, a small envelope.
The material is quite thick and soft, porous.
Inside there are plastic transparent pockets for papers, money, etc.
On the fold of a rubber band so that the passport does not open.
Checked the size. The Russian passport fit in with a small margin. When opened, the size is 20 X 14 cm. In my opinion, it’s optimal. Passport does not hang out and is not crowded.
In general, satisfied with the purchase. The main advantages: design, usability, price. The main disadvantage is PVC, not leather. By design, the choice in the store is great.