Passport Covers

Looking through redlightgreen, I saw a cover reviewfor passport from cornet. The price seemed high, and, after a short search, another seller was found with a price 3 times lower. Two pieces were ordered, myself and my wife. Details (although what can be details here, except for the cover photo on the background of the ferret?
After receiving new passports by my wife and I (25both years, anniversary :)) noticed that the old cover, bought back at school, is based on parole. So, you need to order. No sooner said than done, ordered with drawings of a map and a camera :).
The seller issued a track that did not track, which, considering the price, is not surprising.
But for track lovers, I’ll still post package tracking

But on day 37, an envelope with ordered covers was found in the mailbox.
Packaging is simple, but more is not required.

Cover with card open

Cover with the camera open

The material is pleasant to the touch, not thin. Scratched with a fingernail - the pattern is not erased. How it will lead itself during long operation is still unknown. There is a slight odor, but this was expected.
Inside the cover are the same, there are pockets and a compartment for credit cards, although it is unlikely that someone will use them.

An elastic band so that the passport does not open in the bag. Until I used it, I didn’t find out how convenient it was.

Gum on the back

The Belarusian passport climbed in, although it sits there quite freely. About 0.5cm remains on each side. Therefore, the passport hangs out, although not very much, but it was necessary to measure the dimensions in advance.

Especially with the actual size, the seller did not lie

As a result: satisfied with covers, bright and beautiful. There are small disadvantages in the form of a slight smell and a large size.
Rocky, not waking up, agreed to pose :)