Tight steering, experience after 19 months of use

All owners of 6 Civic know that the steering wheelthem slippery and thin. Therefore, by chance seeing such a skin on sale, I immediately decided to buy it. I bought the size M Size (37-38CM) in October 2013, sheathed it in November.
Upon arrival, put on the steering wheel, and the skin is wide, i.e. one edge overlaps the other when cladding. Having tried it well, I decided to cut the skin from one side to the holes. Taking the kitchen board, blade and hacksaw blade as a ruler, I proceeded to trim. Just be sure to take a flat canvas, and then of the two I had one curve. I applied the canvas along the holes and cut it with a blade very carefully. It turned out very smoothly. Then he folded the skin in half, squeezed it with a paper clip on one side and punched new holes through the holes that remained on the other side of the skin. It all took a couple of hours in the evening. On the trail. day took off the steering wheel and went home to sheathe. He soaked his skin for about 10 minutes, dried it with newspapers and set to work. Started with a seam that sewn the skin together. Cross stitching, video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=BipSZ7haeo0
I made a seam on the knitting needles, as seen in the photo.
A photo

When the spoke is passed, it is necessary to make sure thatthe thread went inside out. When you make the next seam, tighten the previous one with an awl, for example, then everything will turn out neatly and tightly. Everything takes about 4-5 hours, if done carefully. I am very pleased with the result. Now I know how this is done and what can be obtained. For the first experience, I’ll advise you to make such an option for yourself, who wants to do it yourself, even more advise you to buy a piece of leather and sheathe the entire steering wheel with knitting needles, anyway it takes a lot of time. And try to find a more "tenacious" skin. Tenacious not to the steering wheel, but to the hand
ps: for the last knot, you need to thread the needles from the outside inwards into the holes where you started to sew and tie a simple knot 2 times, cut it off, slightly singe it and hide it inside.
The result is this:

This is a review that I wrote on the drive, with minimal changes copied here.
After 19 months of use and 26 thousand mileage, little has changed, I recommend for purchase, see new photos below.
Photo after use